Scrapbook compiled by H.J. Blanch of ephemera relating mainly to British and American firearms including leaflets, trade circulars, advertisements, trade labels, trade cards, magazine and newspaper cuttings, etc

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Scrapbook compiled by H.J. Blanch of ephemera relating mainly to British and American firearms including leaflets, trade circulars, advertisements, trade labels, trade cards, magazine and newspaper cuttings, etc

Scrapbook compiled by H.J. Blanch of ephemera relating mainly to British and American firearms including leaflets, trade circulars, advertisements, trade labels, trade cards, magazine and newspaper cuttings, etc


about 1910





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With a separate notebook containing an alphabetical index compiled by Basil Haw, Includes the following items:

p. 1 'Eschantillons des damas pour canons de fusils'. Patterns for damascus barrels, numbered 1-20. No manufacturer's name attached;

p. 2 'Directions for using Eley's patent muzzleloading cartridges'. A trade circular from Eley Brothers describing their muzzle-loading cartridges; 'Notice on the revolver pistols and rifles of Lefaucheux, adopted by the French Navy';

p. 3 'Prince's breech-loading rifle or carbine' advertising Deane and Sons' licence to manufacture, and giving instructions for loading; Similar fly-sheet from Hollis & Sheath of 5 to 11 Weaman Row, Birmingham, addressed to Mr. Blanch & Son, dated August 1858, and including prices for two grades of gun and for bullet moulds;

p. 4 Fourteen page leaflet by Joseph Lang, Cockspur Street, London, 'On the advantages of breech-loading guns over the old system of loading with a rod, by one who has used them for years'; A letter from Gustaf Schmidt, extracted from 'The Field' (26 February 1898) on 'Curious old firearms' showing a gun with a combined hammer and trigger guard; Engraving extracted from ? showing 'Egg's improved gun', and annotated 'magazine primer 1823'; 'Breech-loading cartridge apparatus'. Descriptive leaflet without manufactuer's name;

p. 5 Trade card of I. Blanch Junr. of 26 Silver Street, Hull, successor to R. Williamson; Four page leaflet: Wm. & Jon. Rigby's inventions and improvements in gunmaking, specimens of which have been deposited in the Exhibition of Industry, Hyde Park, London;

p. 6 Manuscript decription of Lacy and Whitton's patent devolving-pan gun-lock;

p. 7 Advertising leaflet of the London Armoury Company Limited, decribing Adam's patent revolver pistol; Trade card of John Blanch & Son of 29 Gracechuch Street; List of traps, made by Henry Lane, Wednesfield and Wolverhampton;

p. 8 Advertising leaflet for the 'Superior breech-loading double guns', manufactured by John Bland & Son; Bill with engraved bill-heading of John Blanch & Son to Mr. Gregory, for a double gun, wads and a punch, dated 24 August 1850;

p. 9 Trade label of John Blanch, gun and pistol manufacturer of 29 Fish Street Hill, gun maker to his Majesty;

p. 10 Bill with engraved bill-heading of John Blanch & Son gunmakers of 39 Gracechurch Street, dated 28 November 1851, for converting a pair of pistols to percussion, etc., for Mr. Bennett;

p. 11 Advertising leaflet: 'List of articles manufactured by Eley Bros. London' including patent wire cartridges, percussion caps, gun waddings, sheet wadding, etc. 'Wholesale only'; Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, 8 June (no year), concerning Blanch's life-saving gun;

p. 12 Folding 'Plate 1' showing rotating chambered-breech firearms;

p. 13 Coloured engraving of 'A Dooraunee Villager' with his arms, with manuscript notes about the matchlock gun shown; Recruiting leaflet for the formation of the Victoria Rifles, signed by John Halse Jun., Hon. Sec.; Coloured trade card of H.W. Mortimer, gunmaker to his Majesty, of 89 Fleet Street; Engraved trade card, not decorated, of J. Blanch gun maker, 39 Fish Street Hill;

p. 14 Trade labels of: Henry Tatham, 37 Charing Cross; John Blanch, 29 Gracechurch Street; Stevens, 43 High Holborn; Henry Tatham (late Tatham & Egg), 37 Charing Cross (near the Admiralty);

p. 15 Advertisement sheets for Parker, Field and Sons, 233 High Holborn; and for Joseph Charles Reilly, 316 High Holborn. Trade cards for Egg, 132 Strand; I. Blanch, Hull (compare with pg. 5); W.H. Blanch, 4 Deby Square, Liverpool;

p. 16 Advertisement sheet for Remington magazine pistol and double repeating deringer pistol; Trade label of William Bond, 59 Lombard Street, including engraving of his improved pan and breech;

p. 17 Trade circular of Wm. Meyerstein, appointed agent of Messrs. Winiwarter and Gersheim at Gumpoldskirchen, near Vienna, makers of the newly invented 'patent gun primers and propelling primers'; An extract from the Journal of the Society of Arts, dated February 4th 1853, describing them; Trade card of W. Terry, gun and rifle maker of Birmingham;

pp. 18-19 Advertisement sheet, cut in two for Webley's new model government extractor pasted over illustrations of cartridges and other accessories;

p. 20 Westley Richards' patent central fire breech loading military and sporting rifle action;

p. 21 Illustration of Bond's alarm gun; Advertisement leaflet for 'Spratts portable hawk & kite' for flying over grouse of partridges;

p. 22 Trade label: S. Brunn, 55 Charing Cross, sword cutler and gun maker to ia. the Honble. Board of Ordnance...; Photographic illustration of the interior of the Gunwharf Armoury (Portsmouth); Appointment of Mr. Jackson Mortimer of Saint James's Street, to be Gunmaker Extraordinary to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales; Tade label: John Manton & Son, gun makers to the Royal Family, No. 6 Dover Street;

p. 23 Advertisement: Eley's percussion shells for conical bullets, as manufactured for Col. T. Jacob, CB (Bombay Artillery), with a manuscript note that 'Moulds to cast the proper bullets made by Greenfield & Son...' Sold by W. Bond in Golden Square, London; Illustrations of 'Le Merveilleux' manufactured by Dumoulin Bro's., Liege, 1890, and the 'Protector', about 1887, with no manufacturer's name attached;

pp. 24-25 Advertisement broadsheet: Charles James Smith's patent magazine and self-priming revolving pistol;

pp. 26-27 Plates of Chas. J. Smith's patent revolving, magazine and self-priming pistol; Coloured engraving of costumes of 'Habitant de Juppa', 'Habitant des Bouches du Callara' and 'Montenegrin';

p. 28 Advertisement leaflet: Exposition Universelle de 1855. Fusils a bascule perfectionnes par E. Dufour... Chez Francis Marquis, arquebusier, 4 Boulevart des Italiens, Paris;

p. 29 Prospectus for The London Armoury Company Limited, September 1856;

p. 30 Bill with engraved bill-heading for Fusils Berenger, brevet S.G.D.G. Hippolyte Rochatte, eleve et successeur, 8 rue du Coq, St. Honore, for supply of 'Un fusil de Paris canons Leopold Bressard' and caps, primers and case to Monsieur Guy Christy. Change of address noted 'actuelllement 26 rue de la Monnaie, au coin de la rue de Rivoli', dated 22 Xbre 1855; Newspaper cutting regarding The American Gun Machinery for the English Government, quoting the Springfield Republican; Trade label: Joseph Manton, Gun Maker, Davies Street, Berkeley Square;

p. 31 Advertisement: Curtis's & Harvey's extra strong no. 2 gunpowder, dated January 1857. Illustration of basket-work flask; Advertisement: Captain Montague Hayes' patent skin cartridge, manufactured by R. Green & Co., 204 Oxford Street;

pp. 32-33 Advertisement broadsheet: Richard Allely, manufacturer of every description of air-guns and canes... 86 Weaman Street, Birmingham, with illustrations of products, and list of prices of 'Prince's breech-loading rifle & shot-gun'; Illustrated advertisement for Dean and Son's revolver pistol, with all the latest improvements;

p. 35 Pamphlet inserted: George and John Deane's defence of themselves and their guns from charges brought against both by the Company of Gun-makers and others, 8 January 1850; Newspaper cutting: The new fashioned firearms: a walk through a 'revolver factory'... the manufactory of Messrs. Deane in Weston Street, Tooley Street; Deane & Son's advertisement for their manufacture of 'Colonel Jacob's four-band rifle bullet';

p. 36 Instructions for use of Wilkinson & Son's new projectile; Regulations for the use of the South Eastern Railway Company's cloakroom;

p. 37 Trade advertisement for Eley Bros. muzzle-loading cartridges and breech-loading cartridge cases; Trade card of H. Genhart's Manufacture d'Armes, Liege, rue aux Chevaux 42;

p. 38 Newspaper cutting from the Shooting Times, no date, for 'Charles Lancaster's new hammerless gun (patent)';

p. 39 Cutting from an unidentified newspaper (? The Field) describing 'Charles Lancaster's 'Colonial Quality' body action safety hammerless gun (Patent)', which is pasted over a list of the articles produced by Greenfield & Son's Manufactory, 10 Broad Street, Golden Square, London;

p. 40 Cutting from the... [Field] Country Gentleman's Newspaper, dated July 4th '85, describing Messrs. Cogswell and Harrion's new hammerless gun;

p. 41 Advertisement leaflet for Restell's breech loading rifle improvements, and Restell's cartridge;

p. 42 Advertisement leaflet for a new pattern rook, rabbit and target rifle manufactured by W. & C. Scott & Son, Premier Gun Works, Birmingham, with pencilled note 'Stevens rifle';

p. 43 Advertisement leaflets: Lancaster's patent apparatus for charging cartridges for breech-loading arms, sole agents; Messrs. Eley Bros., and for Jeffries' improved machines for filling breech-loading cartridges, Sole maker and patentee, George Jeffries, gunmaker, Golden Ball Street, Norwich;

p. 44 Extract from 'The Crystal Palace and its contents, an illustrated cyclopaedia of the Great Exhibition of 1851', describing firearms at the exhibition;

p. 45 Advertisement for John Crowley & Co., general iron founders, of Manchester and Sheffield, patentees of carbureted malleable cast iron;

p. 46 Engraving of a 'Case of re-capping, re-sizing and re-loading tools', no manufacturer's name given;

p. 46 Leaflet giving 'Conditions of the 'Field' gun trial of 1879';

p. 47 Detailed section illustrations of an improved gun nipple and cap, no manufacturer credited; Advertisement leaflet for the 'New simplified patent lock and safety gun' of John Coney, to be seen at E.W. Stone's, 9 Grosvenor Row, Pimlico, London;

p. 48 Letter to the Editor of the 'Field', signed Keane, describing the expanding bullet for express rifles;


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164 pages in a folio leather bound ledger with a separate alphabetical index

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Creator(s) Mr H J. Blanch