Rules, orders and instructions for the future government of the Office of Ordnance

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Rules, orders and instructions for the future government of the Office of Ordnance

Rules, orders and instructions for the future government of the Office of Ordnance







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'Rules, Orders and Instructions for the future government of the Office of Ordnance', dated 1751-1760, Begining with those originally issued by Charles II, 25 July 1683, and followed by additions and alterations made by James II and succeeding monarchs and by confirmation issued at the beginning of each reign. The last entry lists 'Alterations in the Office of the Ordnance, 1760'. The index has been up-dated to include these, The following is the present bound order:

pp. 1-48 Regulations of Charles II and James II's addition of 1686,
p. 49 Establishment of bombardiers, James II,
Item 72 Increase in the size of the Regiment of Artillery, George II, 1758,
Item 73 Further increase, 1759,
Item 74 New establishment of 61 engineers, 1759,
Item 75 Increase in pay to Colonels of Artillery, March 1759,
Item 76 Nine batteries to be erected on the Sussex coast, October 1759,
Item 77 Regiment of Artillery to form 3 battalions, October 1759,
pp. 49-58 End of James II alterations of 1686 [in the same hand as p. 48 above] and William III's confirmation of the earlier regulations and his alterations, Queen Anne's confirmation and alterations,
p. 58 Includes an establishment for Mahon and Gibraltar in the same hand, 1717,
p. 57(2) (Item 57) Another alteration by Queen Anne, 1706,
p. 57(2) Confirmation by George I, 30 July 1715,
p. 58 Mahon establishment and Gibraltar establishment [that one p. 58 appears to alter this],
p. 59 Warrant for payment of salaries, George I, 30 July 1715,
f. 60-61 Alterations to Civil Branch, July 1718,
p. 62 Confirmation of regulations by George II, 17 June 1727,
Item 62 Appointment of Charles Frederick as Surveyor of the Ordnance, 10 April 1750, and Assistant and Deputy Lieutenant, 10 April 1750,
pp. 63-70 Alterations, 18 October 1751, to duties to Lieutenant General of Ordnance,
Item 71 Establishment of Woolwich Laboratory, 12 February 1746, and regulations, 1 August 1747,
pp. 71-74 Blank: Index lists items 72-77 here,
pp. 78-94 Alterations to the Civil Branch and the Military Branch of the Ordnance, 1 July 1752,
Item 95 Regulations and establishment for the Powder Works at Faversham, 17 November 1752,
Item 96 Alteration in the Office of Ordnance, 1760,


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Bound folio volume. Labelled along spine: 'Ordnance Department Rules, etc., 1759'. The volume has been copied in various hands on different sizes of folio paper. It has apparently been at one time disbound and rebound out of order, probably in the late nineteenth century or the twentieth century.

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