Ordnance Office debenture book

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Ordnance Office debenture book

Ordnance Office debenture book







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Inscribed on the back cover: 'Journall Boke of Receipts for The office of The ordenance pro anno 1606 et 1607 et regni Regis Jacobi quinto', The book lists debentures due for work done and materials and stores received into the Ordnance storehouses in the Tower of London and the Minories from 10 January 1606[7] to 20 December 1607; many entries have been signed at the foot by the payee possibly as a form of receipt for money paid, Also listed are stores returned by ships gunners, payments made by various officials and later reclaimed and 'riding charges'. Items of interest include the provision of a model brass cannon and its equipment for the Duke of York by Henry Pitt, the provision of new stamping irons to work muskets, calivers and pistols, paid for by John Pavey, probably an office clerk as he is also among those paid for taking various remains, and the payment of £252 to the widow of Peter Gill late one of his Majesty's gunfounders for three Spanish brass guns which had been seized in 1596 as being part of the spoil brough back from Cadiz. 'Howbeit, upon examination... yt seemeth otherwise', Among the suppliers listed are:, John Fletcher of London (merchant), rope and watch, Robert Appleby of London (budgetmaker), repaired leather buckets, John Harrington (gunmaker of East Smithfield), repaired muskets and calivers, George Graves of London (collarmaker), horse collars for Ireland, William Ridge of London (armourer), halberds for Ireland, Christopher Owen of London (ironmonger), shovells, spades and nails for Ireland, as well as locks, nails, Nicholas Blague, copper plate, William Forster, copper, William Hammond, Round and Crossband shott and muskets and calivers, John Manning, founder of shott, square shott, Robert Wright, gilder of London, cases and funnells of plate, William Thomas of East Smithfield, turner, tampions, heads and rammers, John Evelyn of Kingston, Surrey, gunpowder, Thomas Man of London, stationer, paper, ink, etc, Adrian Aduatson of London, basketmaker, baskets, Ralph Hayes of London, ironmonger, steel, William Garway and Frauncis Jones, of London, salt petre, Henry Rowland of the Tower Hill, gunmaker, French pistols and calivers, John Warmerton of London, ironmonger, calivers, Richard Strongtharme of London, armourer, swords and gudles for Kantine in Scotland and muskets and calivers, Thomas Addis of the Minorites, gunmaker, calivers, Richard Benowe of the Minorites, gunmaker, calivers, new and repaired, Thomas Laverorke the younger of the Minorites, gunmaker, calivers and French pistols, new and repaired, John Harman, iron round shott, Official Ordnance Office appointed craftsmen and suppliers of workmanship and materials include:, John Shambrooke, plasterer, Thomas Plasse, his Master Smith, John Hedland, Master Carpenter, Martin Hopkins, late Smith, and Margaret his widow, Thomas Aldridge his Master Wheelright, Thomas Browne, his Master Founder of iron ordenance and shott, Robert Parsons, glasier, John Abrham, mason, John Jefferson, his Master Bowiat, Richard Phillips, one of his Master Founders of Brasse ordenance, Humfrey Hauison, his Master Cooper, Henry Pitt, one of his Master Founders of brass ordenaunce, signed with a cut stamp, 'HP' within a wreath, James Pilkington, his Master Plumber, John Morgan, bricklayer, John Edwards, deputy of John Heybourne, his Master Collarmaker, Peter Gill, late one of his Master Founders of brasse ordenance, William Bull, Master Gunner of England


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115 folio pages, some blank, watermark of a crowned letter 'N' over the name 'Iean Nivell' (Briquet 8423: 1758-1602). Contemporary parchment office binding inscribed on the back cover

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