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File labelled '1933'

File labelled '1933'




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(1) Subfile related to the purchase by R.L. Scott of an excavated bascinet from the collection of Prince zu Solms Braunfels, negotiated through the dealers J. &. S. Goldschmidt between September 1932 and February 1933. ff. 19,
(2) Letter from Eustace Robb of the BBC to JGM dated 24 January 1933 thanking him for 'your kind co-operation last night. I hope you did not suffer too much in being kept in your armour. It was very kind of you to be so helpful',
(2a) Pencil note outlining movements to be made: 'Enter Semi full. open & shut vizer. Turn profile right. open & shut vizer. Walk up sit, open & shut vizer. Turn on chair and right profile open vizer, turn front bow exit sideways bent knees',
(3) Letter from Gordon Roe, The Connoisseur, to JGM dated 4 February 1933 returning THE MARRIAGE OF THE VIRGIN. 'I think that the blockmakers have considerably improved the reproduction since you saw it',
(4) Letter from Sydney C. Cockerell of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, to JGM dated 14 February 1933: 'Mr. James Stewart Henderson of 1 Pond Street, Hampstead... has died recently and has left us some arms and armour. Do you happen to know anything about him and his collection?' [See also a sketch of the arrangement in 1 Pond Street, AR.3 Mann Papers/3/2],
(5) Letter from The Times to JGM dated 2/3/33 forwarding a letter from A. Forbes Sieveking, commenting on one of JGM's lectures: 'We have, as you see, obtained Mr. Sieveking's permission to forward you his original letter. I am sorry that we did not, after all have space to print it',
(5a) Letter from A. Forbes Sieveking to the 'Editor of The Times' dated Jan. 21, 1933, relating how soon after Sir Richard Burton's death, Lady Burton 'entrusted me with the vast box containing his MS. Collection of notes & documents dealing with the [Sword]. I did my best to get them ordered and published, but Vol. I of 'The Book of the Sword' had not been a financial success. I only succeeded in getting Sir Theodore Cook to publish in 'The Field' Burton's treatment of Bazancourt's Secrets de l'Epee... Later on Mr. Penzer, under Lady Burton's will, arranged for Sir Richard Burton's Collection to go to the Kensington Public Library, where no doubt it may still be consulted,
(5b) Letter from A. Forbes Sieveking dated Feb. 28, 1933, giving permission for his letter to be passed 'to my friend Mr. Mann',
(6) Letter from F. Gordon Roe, The Connoisseur, to JGM dated 6 March 1933 thanking him for 'your obituary of the late Mr. Wade...',
(7) Draft of letter from JGM to 'Dear Millar' dated 12 April 1933 discussing codpieces,
(7a) Letter from Eric [Millar] of the Manuscript Department, British Museum, to JGM dated 15 April 1933 thanking him for the information which has been passed on to 'the Huntington Library man' and lamenting the fact that 'my part of the Burlington House show promises to be a fiasco: so far the Dean and Chapter of Winchester have refused to lend the Winchester Bible, & 'Perrins', as I rather anticipated, firmly declines to lend a single one of his MSS!' [Presumably refers to the Royal Academy exhibition of British Art, 1934],
(8) Invitation, seating plan and menu for the Annual Dinner of the Royal Academy, April 29th, 1933,
(9) Letter from Sir Montague Barlow to JGM dated 2 May 1933 discussing a 'Roll of Heraldry' and the possibility that it might contain bearings for Barlow, Albini, etc,
(10) Letter from J.D. Cowen, of Shotley Bridge, to JGM dated 22 May 1933 thanking him for the offprints of articles, commenting on the armours in Madonna delle Grazie and refusing an offer to propose his for membership of the Verein f. hist. Waffenkunde: 'I have just recently enlarged my commitments in other directions...',
(11) Letter from George Hill of the British Museum, to JGM dated 8 June 1933 thanking him for his congratulations on a decoration received,
(12) Letter from the Marquess of Salisbury to JGM dated 22 June 1933 regretting that he would not be at Hatfield next Saturday or Sunday and asking him to suggest another date,
(13) Letter to the same from the same, dated 22 July 1933, suggesting next Saturday afternoon to 'look at the Armour according to your most kind proposal',
(14) Letter from Mrs. Esdaile to JGM dated July 31, 1933, discussing the search for a 'movable Edward Stanton' and suggesting 'the delicious little busts of children... at West Ham',
(15) Letter from Paul Post, Berlin, dated 7 Aug. 1933 thanking him for various offprints and discussing the bacinet in Mann's collection which had been the subject of C.R. Beard's article 'Vicissitudes of a helmet' in The Connoisseur (April 1933). It continues: 'Before ending this letter, I should like to enclose a few personal remarks... namely that my wife is from a jewish family, and that according to our new laws my son will practically not be able to earn his living as a medical doctor in this country. He therefore plans later on to study a few terms in England and to see about the conditions there',
(16) Letter from Felix Post to JGM dated 30 August 1933 asking about the conditions for foreigners in the medical faculty of London University,
(17) Letter from Paul Post to JGM dated 13 September 1933 continuing the discussion about the development of the bacinet in England and thanking him for his 'kind interest in Felix's difficulties',
(18) Letter from Gosta Malmborg, Livrustkammaren, Stockholm, to JGM dated 18 September 1933 discussing a recent congress,
(19) Letter from F. Gordon Roe to JGM dated 2 October 1933 thanking him for 'your kind and generous letter',
(20, 21, 21a, and 22) Two letters from Felix Post and one from Paul Post, dated 27 September, 4 October and 7 October 1933, connected with Felix Post's enrollment at Guy's Hospital, with a typescript note, in German, about the history of an Order in the Zeughaus in Berlin,
(23) Letter from R. Shoolred, Wyvis, Evanton, Ross-shire, to JGM dated 23 October 1933 asking about the height of Henry VIII as judged by his armour,
(24) Letter from R. Shoolred to JGM dated 25 November 1933 thanking hiim for the information,
(25) Letter from ?, Penheale Manor, Launceston, to JGM discussing a forthcoming visit in connection with the 'English Art Exhibition',
(26) Letter from L. Calvo of the Spanish Embassy to JGM dated 24 November 1933 offering to undertake a 'commission' in Spain,
(27) Envelope containing 'Dealers Cards and correspondence, Florence, Innsbruck, 1933',
(28) Letter from W. Frank Knight, Ecclesiastical Goldsmith, to Mrs Mann dated 20 February 1934 returning 'your Electric Fire engraved and with the addition of black letter 'M' and giving an estimate of the cost of 'producing the fires cheaply' in cast iron.


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  MANN 19/1 3 - File labelled '1933'