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File labelled '1932'




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(1) Letter from C.R. Beard, sending a 'rough of the note on your bacinet' etc. Dated in JGM's hand 13-1-32,
(2) Letter 15-1-32 from C.R. Beard acknowledging JGM's note and regretting that he could not make 'tomorrow' and discussing other articles for The Connoisseur. Dated in JGM's hand 15-1-32,
(3) Draft of a letter to C.R. Beard from JGM dated 19-i-32 returning 'your MS. of the bascinet...',
(4) Letter from Edward Barry of Ockwells Manor dated 1 February 1932 discussing a comparison between 'the lathis with which the Indian Police make good use' and 'the old Quarter staff so much in use here in the time of Henry VIII' and asking for more information about how the quarter staff was used,
(5) Carbon copy of a bibliography relating to quarter staff fighting,
(6) Letter from Edward Barry dated 7 February 1932 thanking him for the book list,
(7) Letter from Edward Barry dated 12 March 1932 sending a cutting from the Evening Standard describing 'Mr. Rex of Seven Dials... a London Armourer...' with the cutting from the Evening Standard dated March 11, 1932,
(8) Letter from G. Pauilhac dated 3 March 1932 asking for a transcript of a passage in Ward's Animadversions of Warre relating to revolvers and asking for details of XII.469 in the Tower Armouries, with a tracing of an illustration from Demmin,
(9) Letter from G. Pauilhac to JGM dated 4 March 1932 asking for further details of XII.469,
(10) Letter from G. Pauilhas to JGM dated 11 March 1932 thanking him for the offprints of articles,
(11) Carbon copy of a letter, in French, from JGM to M. Pauilhac, describing the revolving gun XII.469 and confirming Pauilhac's suggestion that there might be traces of an oriental inscription on the flats separating the chambers. Also discussing the matchlock revolving guns in the 'Indian Museum' illustrated in Demmin,
(12) Letter from G. Pauilhac to JGM dated 16 March 1932 thanking him for the information about revolving guns and asking for elucidation of a reference to a 16th century chronicle of Jersey,
(13) Letter in French from M.G. Pauilhac to JGM dated 18 March 1932 thanking him for the photographs and rubbings of marks and sending transcripts of an extract from the Chroniques de Jersey and from Ward's Animadversions of Warre,
(14) Letter from G. Pauilhac to JGM dated 19 March 1932 thanking him for the extracts and asking if JGM would be so kind as to try and translate the Ward extract,
(15) Carbon copy of a letter in French to G. Pauilhac from JGM dated 21 March 1932 sending the best translation that he could achieve of the Ward passage,
(16) Manmuscript draft of a letter dated March 1932 to 'Dear ffoulkes' reporting a proposal to pull down the old walls of Ypres and suggesting that a letter from English interested parties might help to save them,
(17) Postcard from F.M. Kelly acknowledging a note from JGM about reviews of his Short History,
(18) Note dated 10-iv-32 about the monument of Sir George Noevers in Christchurch, Oxford,
(19) Letter from Stocklein, Bayer. Armee-Museum, Munich, to JGM, in German, thanking him for the three offprints and discussing a forthcoming sale at Sotheby of the Jakobsson Collection,
(20) Letter from Stephen Grancsay of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, to JGM dated April 28, 1932, thanking him for the offprints of recent articles and sending photographs,
(21) Letter from C.R. Beard to JGM dated May 3rd, 1932, thanking him for the offprints of articles and discussing details,
(22) Letter from Charles Whitelaw to JGM dated 5 May 1932 discussing a possible visit to London, when he would like to meet Mr. Cripps Day,
(23) Two copies of an account in The Times (3 June 1932) of an exhibition of Medieval Art at Eton and a handwritten list of arms and armour displayed in the same exhibition,
(24) Letter from Kenneth Wickham to JGM dated June 19, 1932, discussing a book published by Batsford and visitors to the Eton exhibition,
(25) Letter from N. Richardson, of Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, to JGM, dated 26/6/32 discussing a tusk with a coat of arms on it, possibly those of Wirtemberg and Teck,
(26) Letter from R.L. Scott to JGM dated 15 July 1932 about a book bought at auction and about material in the Secrets of Alexis on iron-working,
(27) Letter from R.L. Scott to JGM dated 25 July '32 thanking him for a list of the editions of Alexis in the British Museum and discussing Ruscelli,
(28) Handwritten draft of a letter to R.L. Scott from JGM dated 20 July 1932 recounting the tradition that 'Alexis of Piedmont's' real name was Girolamo Ruscelli and discussing the cost of photostating at the British Museum and the forthcoming Erbach Sale Catalogue,
(29) Letter from R.L. Scott to JGM dated 30 July 1932 thanking him for the information about Alexis. Ruscelli, etc. and discussing recent acquisitions,
(30) Letter from Harry M.A. [Poole] of Bury St. Edmunds to JGM dated 29.8.32 discussing the armour on the effigy of Sir Robert Drury and the state of the local museum,
(31) Letter from Paul Post in Berlin dated 12.10.32 thanking JGM for his kindness to his son, Felix, and discussing the Zeitschrift, which Post edited, work on the De Cosson Dictionary, and asking for a loan of the 3rd edition of Bashford Dean's Catalog. [Pencilled notes about a sculptor's depiction of armour],
(32) Letter from Gordon Roe, at the Connoisseur, dated 31 October 1932 asking if the Connoisseur could reproduce in colour a painting of JGM's,
(33) Letter from W.H. [Deverell] to JGM dated 1932 Dec. 19 about the site for the forthcoming 3 Travers Trust lectures,
(34) Letter from W.H. Deverell to JGM dated 1932 21 Dec. discussing the three lectures


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