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National Archives War Office Papers - Office of the Ordnance

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WO 55/1659 |a An 'Arrier account of Thomas Bedwell, Keeper of Her Maties. Store within the Toure of London...' 1589,

WO 55/1673 |a Remains of all her Maties. Ordynances Powder... within the Tower of London, the Minories and Wolwitch... 16 April - 15 May 1599,

WO 55/1674 |a 'Remayne of Ordynance... in the Towre of London... taken as well for the discharge of John Lee, late keeper deceased as for the charge of Sr. Amyas Preston knight now appointed Keeper of the same...', January - February 1603/4,

WO 55/1679 |a 'State of his Mats. Stores in the Office of Ordnance...', 6 March 1619 - 13 May 1620,

WO 55/1690 |a 'A general remain taken of his Mats. Munition remayning in his Highnes Stores in the Office of the Ordnance after the death of Mr Thomas Powell Keeper of his Mats. Stores', 16 February 1634 - 21 March 1634,

WO 55/1699 |a 'A general remain of all the ordnance, carriages, powder, shott, match musquettes and other munition... Tower, Deptford, Shipps, etc', 22 December 1665,

WO 55/1709 |a 'The state of all ordnance, carriages, powder, in the Tower of London, 1 January 1676/7 and at Woolwich, Chatham, etc, 1 December 1676',

WO 55/1722 |a 'The General State of all his Maties. Ordnance Stores and other provisions of Warr within the Tower of London, lately under the charge of Edward Conyers Esqr. and now Transferr'd by a Remayne taken by order of his Maties. Commission... beginning 15 October 1688 and ending 17 November following...',

WO 55/1736 |a Survey of ordnance at the Tower of Lonon, about 1698,

WO 55/1735 |a 'A General Survey & Remaine of all Ordnance, Ammunicion and other stores of warr in the Tower of London late in the possession of William Meesters Esqr., deceased, begun 28 July 1701 and ended the 23 day of August following and then delivered into the charge of James Lowther Esqr. constituted Principal Storekeeper in the roome of William Meesters Esqr.',

WO 55/1735 |a 'A General Survey and Remaine of the Ordnance Carriages Powder Shott and other Stores... within the Office of Her Matys' Ordnance in the Tower of London, taken and committed into the care and custody of the Honble. Dixey Windsor Esqr. Principal Storekeeper Pursuant to an order of the Board the 11th September 1713'

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