John Tofts White, Papers

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John Tofts White, Papers

John Tofts White, Papers





Scope and Content

Box 1

JOWH/1, Eight folders containing research notes on the Hounslow Sword Company,
JOWH/1/1, Notes labelled: Miscellaneous notes
JOWH/1/2, Photocopies of original documents
JOWH/1/3, Photocopies of illustrations
JOWH/1/4, Notes labelled: Relevant printed matter
JOWH/1/5 File labelled: Receipts for purchases, etc
JOWH/1/6, Draft of a publication entitled: Memoirs serving for a history of the sword blade industry at Hounslow during the middle years of the seventeenth century / by John Tofts White
JOWH/1/7, Correspondence and draft of entry on Benjamin Stone for the Dictionary of National Biography
JOWH/1/8, File of references for further research

Box 2

JOWH/2/1 and JOWH2/2, Two ring binders containing research notes on the Hounslow Sword Company, swordsmiths and swords, including a large section on Benjamin Stone, taken from various sources

Box 3

JOWH/3, Three folders containing photocopies from various journal articles from Apollo, The Connoisseur etc, together with newspaper cuttings relating to the Hounslow Sword Company

Box 4

JOWH/4, Ring binder containing a catalogue of Hounslow swords in various collections

Box 5

JOWH/5, Three albums containing photographs of Hounslow swords in various collections

Box 6

JOWH/6, Two folders and one envelope containing correspondence

Box 7

JOWH/7/1, Black ring binder containing postcards of arms and armour etc.
JOWH/7/2 |a Black ring binder containing articles relating to the English Civil War etc.

Box 8

JOWH/8/1, Red ring binder containing typescripts of articles by Tofts White, many with drawings and watercolour illustrations, together with occassional correspondence
JOWH/8/2, Green ring binder containing references to the Hounslow Sword Company found in the Board of Ordnance debenture books, bill books etc, in the Public Record Office, and in other sources. Annotated 'Entries relating to the Hounslow enterprises have been transcribed from these pages'

Box 9

JOWH/9, Four folders containing research notes on the Hounslow Sword Company, together with some general material,
JOWH/9/1, Blue ring binder labelled 'Vocabulary'
JOWH/9/2, Green ring binder of notes and correspondence,
JOWH/9/3, Press cuttings, articles and catalogue entries relating to the Hounslow Sword Company,
JOWH/9/4, A letter indicated that this material was donated on 25 November 2002,

Box 10

JOWH/10, Two portfolio's containing pencil sketches and watercolour illustrations of military figures by John Tofts White, the majority initialed JTW and dated |b The illustrations usually have titles and in most instances the soruce is given. These include manuscripts in the British Library, and objects at the Tower Armouries and the Wallace Collection

Box A
Portfolio 1

JOWH/11/1, Folder labelled 'Greek Romans'.
JOWH/11/2, Folder labelled 'Dark Ages - 1066'.
JOWH/11/3, Folder labelled 'Middle Ages'
JOWH/11/4, Folder labelled 'Early 16th C' and '1500-1550'
JOWH/11/5, Folder labelled 'Landsknechts'
JOWH/11/6, A number of loose oversize illustrations

Portfolio 2

JOWH/12/1, Folder labelled 'Late 16th C'
JOWH/12/2, Folder labelled '17th Century'

Portfolio 3

JOWH/12/3, Folder labelled 'Turkish 16th-17 C'

Portfolio 4

JOWH/12/4, Folder labelled 'Mongols, China and Japan'

Portfolio 5

JOWH/12/5 , Unlabelled folder containing illustrations of dark ages figures etc.

Portfolio 6

JOWH/12/6, Unlabelled folder containing illustrations of 15th century figures

Portfolio 7

JOWH/12/7, Unlabelled folder containing illustrations of 17th century figures etc.


9 archive boxes, 1 large archive box

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Open access

Administrative / Biographical History

John Tofts White was born on 12 May 1917 and died in Spetember 2002.


Creator(s) John Tofts-White