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Samuel Rush Meyrick - Papers

Samuel Rush Meyrick - Papers




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Box one:, 1. Watercolour painting of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick |b Together with some correspondence between Sir James Mann and F. Gordon Roe, 2. Letter from Ja[me]s Meyrick, Grosvenor Street, to Mrs Meyrick, dated 13 December 1800, about the 'disposal of your son's time and employements', 3. Cover, without contents, addressed to Dr Meyrick, Goodrich Court, 4. Part of a letter, undated and unaddressed, offering to send the writer's son to the addressee's office, 'there to be at your command...', 5. A group of three letters exchanged between Wm Meyrick and Samuel Meyrick, dated October and November 1803, and a copy of a letter from Captain Davis to Wm Donaldson, dated 1 December 1803, about Samuel Meyrick's marriage and the estrangement that it caused with his parents, 6. A brief note and accompanying card from Mrs H. Meyrick inviting the addressees to visit, 7. A group of letters address to Samuel Meyrick relating to the academic career of Edwin J. Meyrick at Eton, 1837-1840, 8. A group of five letters from W. Meyrick to Samuel Meyrick, introducing himself and requesting assistance in visting the Tower and relating his own history, dated April to November 1841, 9. A group of seven letters from A.C. Kirkman to Samuel Meyrick on business and antiquarian matters, dated January to December 1841, 10. Letter from C.H. Hartshorne to Samuel Meyrick, dated 17 November 1847, 11. Letter from Thomas Flewete to Colonel Meyrick, dated 10 January 1863, 12. A satirical account of an inscription, 'Hey Diddle Diddle', 13. A list of clothing need for military figures, 14. Drawing and secton of embossed metal objects, unidentified;, 15. Transcript from the State Paper Room, dated 21 January 1826, of 'The names of the Shippes and ther Capitaynes, as they were appointed in the expedition against Boulogne in the year 1545'. John Meyrick is captain of the Lartigoe, 16. Transcript of 'A brief report of all such mony, plate, jewelles and goodes taken in the late service under the Right Honourable the Earle of Essex...' in the raid on Cadiz in 1596, 17. Agreement between Samuel Rush Meyrick and Richard Jones relating to the lease of land called Goodrich Court Park, dated 6 February 1829, 18. Agreement between Samuel Rush Meyrick and William Trusted relating to the lease of land belonging to the estate of Goodrich Court, dated 30 March 1832, 19. Agreement between Samuel Rush Meyrick and Samuel Aveline relating to the lease of land termed the Park at Goodrich Court, dated 3 February 1834, 20. Accounts of expenditures by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, Sherriff, at the Lent Assizes 1834, 21. Letter from Bartilmo L. Hooper to Samuel Meyrick about 'Edwin' dated 15 November 1841, 22. Letter from John [Powell ?] to Samuel Meyrick asking for payment of two accounts, dated 11 March 1848, 23. Lease of fisheries to John Alexander and David Miller, undated (paper watermarked 1862), 24. Letter from Samuel Meyrick to Augustus, dated 1 January 1864, 25. Note containing details of the deaths and burials of Samuel Rush's ancestors in the 18th century, 26. Part of letter, undated and unsigned, containing a pedigree of the Rush family, Folder containing a typed list of the 'Contents of folder labelled 'De Cosson Correspondence adn Meyrick Papers' of papers relating to Sir Samuel Meyrick 'brought from goodrich Court 18 April 1946 JGM'', Folder containing original notes on the language of the South Sea Islands by Llewellyn Meyrick, Folder containing original notes on various Welsh pedigrees including a notebook of 'Views, Antiquties &c in Caermarthenshire' and a copy of an original manuscript in the possession of Robert Stevens Esq of Cowbridge made for Samuel Meyrick, Folder containing research notes, correspondence et on Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick compiled by Sir James Mann, Folder containing typed transcripts of letters from Francis Marton to Richard Cotton mentioning both Samuel and Llewellyn Meyrick and their collections of armour, Box two:, 1. Letters and a picture post card of Goodrich Court from Mrs Dorothy Trafford to 1946-49, 2. An cutting from The Times, dated April 1949, relating to the sale of Goodrich Court and its removal to America, 3. Sotheby's sales catalogues for the library at Goodrich Court, Hereford, dated 11 July 1946 and 21 November 1946, 4. Christie's sales catalogue for the 'Objects of art and tapestry the property of Mrs Trafford and removed from Goodrich Court, Ross-on-Wye' dated 17 october 1946, 5. Three notes relating to the genealogy of the Meyrick Meyrick, the original dated 6 August 1809, 6. Copy of a letter from Thomas Parker Esq. to Samuel Meyrick, the original dated 6 August 1809, 7. Letter from C.F. Hancock, Son and Co., jewellers and silversmiths, 38 & 39 Bruton Street, Bond Street, to Samuel Meyrick relating to the Paris Exhibition, dated 6 September 1865, 8. Unsigned letter presumably to Samuel Meyrick relating to his possible knighthood, dated 12 June 1865, 9. An offprint of an article 'On the British antiquities of Warwickshire', by M.H. Bloxam Esq, 10. An extract from a book entitled 'Serenissimae Augustissimaeque principi dominae Elisabethae Reginae Anglie, Francia ac Hiberniae', and annotated 'T. Hearne, 1713', 11. A folder labelled in Manns's hand, '98 Woodcuts taken from more than one edition of Fl. Vegetius Renati', 12. Extracts from an unkown newspaper relating to the trial of the mutineers at Nore aboard the Neptune, and Nelson's report of the attack on Spanish gun boats at Cadiz on 3 July 1797, 13. Seven illustrations of ancient inscribed stones, 14. Illustrations of various coats-of-arms extracted from an unknown source, 15. Extract from 'The British Genealogist MS by Edwd Lloyd Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum 1693' relating to the descent of Court Henry and Castle Llwyd in Carmarthenshire, 16. A copy of 'The National Gallery' by J.C. Robinson (London, 1867), 17. Six copies of an engrving of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick KH, DCL, 18. Miscellaneous illustrations, Box Three, A collection of deeds and indentures relating to Goodrich Court many with their wax seals |b With a note, 'Meyrickiana from Mrs Trafford to JGM, 1949', Box four:, B/w photographs of the Meyrick collection, Box A:, I.401 1-2 |a Two volumes of building accounts for Goodrich Court, Herefordshire, the house of Sir Smauel Rush Meyrick, where his armoury was on display from about 1830 to about 1860, 1. Day Book, starting 20 April 1829, 2. Book of more general accounts for materials, covering the period April 1829 to November 1831, I.402 |a An Estate Agent's auction description of 'Goodrich Court, near Ross, Hererfordshire', dated 24 July 1884, Box B:, Manuscript description of Guildford Castle, Two versions of the pedigree of Sir Thomas Rush of Subborn in the county of Suffolk, Folders containing illustrations of heraldic devices extracted from a number of unknown sources


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