George Seymour, Papers

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George Seymour, Papers

George Seymour, Papers





Scope and Content

Box 1

A list of the items purchased from Kent Sales;
A scrapbook listing the contents of the collection and library of George Seymour;
A ledger labelled 'Regimental Book' listing the swords and scabbards supplied to British and Foreign regiments. With an index of names of regiments

Box 2

A folder consisting of technical drawings for a fencing foil;
A scrapbook of documents relating to the production of swords, knives, etc at Wilkinson Sword;
A folder relating to the production of fighting knives;
A folder containing and 1908; a folder containing specifications for the 1907 Pattern Bayonet;
A folder of miscellaneous material; and a folder of sword blade rubbings,

Box 3

An album containing b/w photographs of bayonets made by Wilkinson Sword Limited, and including some copies of articles on the bayonet written by J.A. Carter;
Three Wilkinson Sword catalogues;
Three items on fencing and fencing weapons;
Three pamphlets on military knives; and
Five envelopes with wax seals,

Box 4

A folder of old b/w photographs of swords;
A folder of b/w and colour photographs and drawings of swords; and
A number of loose photographs,

Box 5

A folder containing some notes on 'The sword and its history' taken from a lecture given by Jack Mitchley and Donald Burton;
A folder containing correspondence with the National Army Museum about a heavy cavalry sword (about 1850);
An envelope containing material on the Fairburn Sykes fighting knife; and
A folder of other miscellaneous items,

Box 6

An Album containing b/w and colour photographs, some showing Seymour Wilkinson's collection, and other swords and knives; together with
An album containing b/w photographs of military pistols and artillery,

Box 7

A number of firearms trade catalogues;
Copies of the Firearms Acts (1937 and 1968);
A copy of the Act for Repealing the Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1855 (1868);
Two trade lists of wind instruments; and
other miscellaneous items

Box 8

An album and several folders containing b/w and colour pictures of British and Foreign regiments; and
An album containing a draft with illustrations of a book pictures of British and Foreign regiments,

Box 9

Two publications by Ellis H. Myers, 'The Outdoorsman Scrapbook' and 'The Outdoorsman Cook Book';
A folder of items relating to a trip to Belgium and Holland, with some material on the Battle of Arnhem (1944),

Box 10

An album and a folder containing b/w and colour photographs of regimental drums;
Miscellaneous issues of magazines, including copies of 'The Blue, 'The Royal Hussars Journal' and the Bulletin of the Military Historical Society', together with
Two sales catalogues, and two guides to historic houses,

Box A

Three scrapbooks of material relating mainly to military musical instruments (drums and bugles);
Souvenir guides to military parades;
Postcards and christmas cards; and
Some photographs of military knives,

Box B

Scrapbook containing b/w and colour photographs of swords made by Wilkinson Sword Limited;
Copies of the company's lists and trade literature; and
Other pamphlets, including Scrapbook containing some material relating to Wilkinson some guides to the Tower of London and Woolwich; together with sword blade rubbings,

Box C

Three albums containing b/w and colour photographs of military swords, knives and bayonets made by Wilkinson Sword Limited,

Loose, Twelve envelopes of b/w negatives. Very badly warped


3 large boxes, 10 boxes

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