Richard Williams, Research Notes

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Richard Williams, Research Notes

Richard Williams, Research Notes





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Box 1:, Folder entitled 'Tom Heselwood' containing woodblock portraits fo English Kings and Queens, Folder entitled 'Oakes-Jones' containing Christmas cards from Captain and Mrs H. Oakes-Jones, all illustrated by uniform illustrations by H.O.-J., Folder containing notes relating to the Hounslow Sword Factory, Folder containing notes relating to the Wilkinson Sword Factory, Folder containing ephemera relating to the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Box 2:, Correspondence relating to the estate of Dr Richard Williams, including a catalogue of his collection, from Williams and Glyn Trust Company Limited, Two typescript catalogues of the arms and armour and sales catalogues in the collection of Richard Williams, with valuations, about 1950, Boxes 3 and 4:, Folders containing illustrations, including woodcuts, engravings, etchings etc, each with a list of contents inserted, 1 |a 16th-17th century, 2 |a Portraits, 3 |a Drill, 4 |a Military, 5 |a Illustrations of objects, 6 |a Anglo-Saxon attitudes, 7 |a Shaw, 8 |a Carter, 9 |a Effigies, 10 |a Miscellaneous 1, 11 |a Miscellaneous 2, 12 |a Maltese characters, 13 |a Drawings, 14 |a Armour, 15 |a Photographs, 16 |a Illustrations removed from books, magazines etc, Box 6:, Typescripts with original photographs of the following articles written by Richard Williams, 1 |a Joseph Jenckes, sword cutler of Hounslow, 2 |a Fetters and freedom, 3 |a A Radnorshire sword find, 4 |a A sixteenth century rapier from Treheslog Cwmtendwr, 5 |a The high sheriff and his javelinmen, 6 |a Jacob Halder and Sr. Bale Desena, 7 |a Sword-tests, 8 |a The neighbours (Country Life 4 June 1927) |b Showing Nigerian horsemen in Kano, with photographs copied from an unidentified book whowing African horsemen in quilted armour and soldiers in the sevice of the Sheikh of Bornou, 9 |a A collection of circulars of the Brayette Club for 1926 (3); 1927 (4); 1929 (7); and 1932 (7), 10 |a Typescript letter from Lily M. Chitty of Pontesbury near Shrewsbury, dated 8 August 1957, giving references to a 'Tudor shield from old Oswestry, Shropshire' as first published in Vetusta Monumenta Vol. 2 (1789), 11 |a File relating to the Sword Factory on Hounslow Heath and to Benjamin Stone, swordsmith of Hounslow, together with correspondence between W.I. Brown, of Hounslow Mills, and Wm. London esq., about the site of the Sword Mills, dated July and August 1891, Box 7:, Folder containing a separate series of photographs devoted to the collection of J.F. Sullivan, with a photograph of the collector, annotated 'To Dr. Richard Williams from J.F.S.', Folder containing a collection of portraits of collectors, including a large collection of artists who exhibited at the Royal Adacemy and the New Gallery, extracted from a journal entitled ? 'Black and White', dated about 1892, The majority seem to have been painters of historical paintings and also collectors: Mr John Pettie, RA; Mr W.W. Ouless, RA; Mr Lockhart Bogle; Mr W. Frank Calderton; Mr J. Watson Nicol; Mr L.C. Nightingale; Mr Ernest Crofts, ARA; Mr Eyre Crow, ARA; Mr Andrew Gow, RA; Mr Luke Fildes, RA; Mr George Frampton; Mr Henry Edward Detmold; Mr Dudley Hardy; Mr McLure Hamilton; Mr Seymour Lucas, ARA; Mr R.W. Macbeth, RA, Part of a large collection of illustrations, photographs and cuttings relating to collectors and artists of arms and armour, labelled 'Armour Collectors, Kernoozers and Meyricks', Other portraits include: Seymour Lucas (2 photographs); H.D. Barnes, with his wife and dog, inscribed to 'Our Beloved Physician'; Gian GiacomoPoldi-Pezzoli, founder of the Museo Poldi-Pezzoli in Milan; Mr James Mann, Keeper of the Wallace Collection - part of a series of accounts of 'National Custodians in The Bystander (28 July 1937); Sir George Frampton, RA - one of 'Mr Punch's Personalities' in Punch (19 January 1927); Alfred Beurdeley; Sir Richard Wallace; Bashford Dean; John F. Winsbury; Herb Sharpe, Burham; Stephen Williams; Henry Garman; Walter Withall; W.B. Redfern (photograph of a portrait by Vivian D. Ryan); Edgar Buny; Sheridan Knowles; George C. Hardie; Guy Laking; T. George Neville; Charles R. Beard; Archibald Corble; two different photographs of a naval collector who signs himself 'The Black Striker' and with a monogram incorporating a mouse with a tail forming a 'D'; and photographs of 3 other unidentified collectors, Box 8:, Envelopes containing black and white photographs of, 1 |a Tower armour, mostly Greenwich, 2 |a Javelin men, 3 |a Fakes, 4 |a Sandowne suit, 5 |a USA and Norton, 6 |a Collection of Mr N.C.G. Dexter of Nottingham (ex Salkeed), 7 |a A St John's Gate envelope containing photographs of Richard Williams own collection, 8 |a An empty envelope and a blue folder containing photographs of a Hounslow sword by J. Jenckes, 9 |a An envelope labelled 'Early Collections' containing a photograph of a display case of Robert Mole and Son, Sword Cutlers of Birmingham, 10 |a View of Mr Green's Museum at Lichfield, 11 |a A second copy of the account of the Museum from the Gentleman's Magazine (October 1788), 12 |a A series of engravings cut from Grose, annotated with the names of the owners, especially the collection of Mr Rawle [See H.L. Blackmore, William Rawle, accoutrement maker, silversmith, gunmaker, medallist and collector, published in Apollo Vol. 127 No. 312 (February 1988), pp. 96-100], 13 |a Envelope labelled 'Chas. Evans' containing drawings and engravings, used as greetings cards, by C.E. Evans of Nailsea Court, Somerset, including a photograph of hte artist in uniform dated 1914, Box 9:, A bibliography of Bashford Dean's writings; an account of the Bashford Dean Memorial Collection reprinted from the Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1930); and a copy of the Riverdale News (May 1929) containing an obituary and tributes to Bashford Dean, A number of files containing, 1 |a The description of St Donat's Castle by the estate agent John D. Wood and Company, together with a covering letter dated 18 September 1938, 2 |a Four mounted photographs showing details of Trajan's Column [Alinari 27090, 27091, 27093 (2)] and two details of the Antonine Column [Alinari 20156, 20157], 3 |a Six photographs of the tapestries known as 'The Festivals of Henry III' now in Florence [Brogi 19647, 19648, 19649, 19650, 19651, 19652], 4 |a Copies of Svenska Vapenhistoriska Sallskapet Meddelande nos. 24-30, 5 |a Sale brochure of the antique dealers Ronald A. Lee, with Christmas greetings from Peter Gwynn, 6 |a Manuscript listing of armour displayed in the Spanish pavillion at the Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900 in Paris. The descriptions are copied from the official catalogue of the Real Armeria compiled by Count Valencia de Don Juan, with three pages of the issues of the Gazette de l'Hotel Drouot (13-16 October 1900, 17-19 October 1900, and 20-22 October 1900), which contain descriptions of the displays of A. Frappart, 7 |a Two theatrical souvenirs of productions of 'King John' and 'The Musketeers' by Herbert Beerholm Tree at Her Majesty's Theatre 1899, Box 10:, Miscellaneous material relating to the Meyrick Society and the Kernoozers Club [including a copy of the article on the cententary of the Meyrick Society by Claude Blair], Box 11:, Christmas cards from members of staff from Wilkinson Sword, Box 12:, Christmas cards from Peter Gwynn, Box 13:, Christmas cards from Mr and Mrs Alexander McMillan Welch of New York, together with other cards showing arms and armour, Christmas cards from Mr and Mrs Bashford Dean, and later from Mrs Bashford Dean, Other Christmas cards, Box 14:, Miscellaneous cuttings and correspondence, Box 15:, Postcards from various arms and armour museums including the Tower of London:, 1 |a Wallace Collection postcards Series XIV Set 1. Seven helmets of the 'Salade' type by Italian and German armourers, 2 |a Wallace Collection postcards Series XIV Set 2. Seven suits of armour (late 15th and early 16th century), 3 |a Envelope containing postcards from the British Museum showing Froissart's Chronicle and other illuminated manuscripts, labelled '23 cards mostly Froissart', but also including two coloured cards of St Eustachius and St George by Durer, 4 |a Envelope containing black and white photographs glued to Richard Williams' postcards, including three photographs of the Broad Arrow Tower at the Tower of London, labelled 'Photographs of Armour etc RW', 5 |a Collection of museum postcard envelopes, 6 |a Postcards of items in the Tojhusmuseum, Copenhagen, with a series of notes on 'The collection of arms and armour in Tojhus, Copenhagen', 7 |a Collection of postcards illustrating arms and armour sent at various times to Richard Williams, 8 |a Envelope with a card to which has been attached a rubbing of the armourer's mark of Raymond Bartel, Boxes 16 and 17, Books of postcards comprising, 1 |a Galerie Reine Mathilde, Tapisserie-Broderie de Bayeux, 2 |a Souvenir d'une visite de la Colone de la Grande Armee, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 3 |a Chateau de Pierrefonds, 4 |a La Cite de Carcassonne, 5 |a Musee de l'Armee, Paris, 6 |a Hotel National des Invalides, Paris, 7 |a Kronborg, 8 |a Eesti - Tallinn II, 9 |a Le Belgique Historique, Bruxelles (Musee de la Porte de Hal) serie 1, 10 |a Le Belgique Historique, Bruxelles (Musee de la Porte de Hal) serie 2, 11 |a Le Belgique Historique, Bruxelles (Musee de la Porte de Hal) serie 3, 12 |a Une visite au Chateau des Comtes de Flandre, Gand, 30 cartes, 13 |a Service des Sites de la Guerre 1914-1918, Batterie Wilhelm II, Knocke sur Mer, 14 |a Tournoi de Chevalerie, 1452-1905, 20 coloured postcards of characters taking part in a recreation of a tournament at Brussels in 1905, 15 |a Ville de Bruges, Cortege historique, 10 postcards depicting characters taking part in the recreation of the 'Tournoi de l'Arbre d'Or', part of the 'Fetes de Bruges, 1907', 16 |a Real Armeria, Madrid, 20 postcards, 17 |a Real Armeria, Madrid, I, 20 tarjetes postales, 18 |a Real Armeria, Madrid, II, 20 tarjetes postales, 19 |a Real Armeria, Madrid, III, 20 tarjetes postales, Box 18:, Correspondence and ephemera relating to the Arms and Armour Society, 1 |a Two packets of correspondence with the Arms and Armour Society and the Northern Branch of the Arms and Armour Society, 2 |a Packet of miscellaneous ephemera relating to arms and armour sales and exhibitions, 3 |a List of members of the Arms and Armour Society, December 1961, 4 |a Indexes to the Journal of the Arms and Armour Society, Vols. II, III, IV and V (1956-67), Box 19:, Offprints of articles by Richard Williams, 1 |a A sword and spur in Pilleth Church (9 copies), 2 |a Robert Lewis, Radnorshire gunsmith (6 copies), 3 |a An early seventeenth century backsword found near Llandrindod Wells (7 copies), 4 |a A Radnorshire sword find (2 copies), 5 |a A late sixteenth century rapier from Treheslog, Cwmteuddwr, 6 |a Reflections from a Doctor's Day Book, 7 |a Tudor Bucklers (51 copies and some extracted from the original journal), 8 |a The Vicissitudes of an Italian Salade (21 copies), Box 20:, Miscellaneous material, Box A:, I.661; RAR.0661 |a Sheet containing the signatures of the members of the Meyrick Society labelled 'Souvenir of a meeting at New Place, Nov. 7th, 1916'. The signatories are: George Frampton, Edgar Bundy, Seymour Lucas, Charles W. Simpson, Frank Rouse, Guy Laking, A.L. Radford, Charles ffoulkes, F.H. Cripps-Day, F. Harman Oates, E.A. Barry, J.W. Nichol, all in mirror writing. Each signature is accompanied by a drawing of armour, or, in the case of Charles ffoulkes, the White Tower |b 16.7 inches x 12.1 inches (42.4 cm x 30.8 cm)


22 archive boxes; 1 large archive box

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