Bugle calls of the Scots Fusilier Guards

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Bugle calls of the Scots Fusilier Guards

Bugle calls of the Scots Fusilier Guards


late 19th century


MANN 26/7



Scope and Content


p. 1 'Extend; Chase; Advance; Fire; Cease Fire; Halt; Retire',
p. 2 'Dispurse; Alarm; Assembly; Right Incline; Left Incline; Double time',
p. 3 'Quick time; Form Square; Skirmish; Relieve Skirmishers; Reinforce Skirmishers; Shoulders Forward',
p. 4 'Recall Skirmishers; Right; Centre; Left; Lie Down; Rise; Officers - Assembly; Regimental Call',
p. 5 'Company Calls: Right Flank; 1st Company; 2nd Company; 3rd Company; 4th Company; 5th Company',
p. 6 '6th Company; Left Flank; Guard Salute', p. 7 Reveille (1st part)', p. 8 'Reveille (2nd part)',
p. 9 'Bed call - (to make up beds.); Breakfast Call; Buglers Call',
p. 10 'Troop (at 9. a.m.); Serjeants Call',
p. 11 'Dinner Call; Picquet Call; Billd [sic.] Men',
p. 12 'Retreat (at Sun Set)',
p. 13 'Officers Dressing Call; Officers Dinner Call',
p. 14 '1st Post (before Taptoo)',
p. 15 '2nd Post (after Taptoo)',
p. 16 Blank

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

Oblong notebook of eight leaves of music stave paper, containing bugle calls. Ownership note inscribed on the fly-leaf: 'Augustus W. Meyrick, Scots Fusilier Guards, 2nd Battalion'. Pencilled notes in the hand of James Mann; top right hand corner: 'From Goodrich Court, 1949'; lower right hand corner: 'Lieut-General Sir Augustus Meyrick died c. 1902. JGM'. 5.1 inches x. 9 inches (12.7 cm x 22.8 cm)

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  MANN 26/7 - Bugle calls of the Scots Fusilier Guards