Correspondence relating to the garniture made for Elizabeth, Empress of Russia, at Tula

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Correspondence relating to the garniture made for Elizabeth, Empress of Russia, at Tula

Correspondence relating to the garniture made for Elizabeth, Empress of Russia, at Tula


1814, 1883





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Includes 8 letters and 3 endorsed wrappers:,

1. Wrapping sheet: 'Letters respecting these Arms',

2. Wrapping sheet: 'Arms Duc de Harcourt and Le. Ch. de Bruslart', enclosing four items,

2(a) Endorsed: 'Bruslart, Jany 1814, Order for Gold'. A note addressed to 'Mon cher Vardon' asking that the gold entrusted to him yesterday be handed to the bearer, and also asking at which inn the writer had reserved four places for Dorchester. Dated 'Mercredi 19 Janvier 3hr 1/2' 1814 added in a different hand. Folded round a slip of paper dated 7th Oct. 1814: 'Rt Hichens 11 Threadneedle Street - @ Taylor, Hanbury, Barnan & Lloyds' 'Arms' in a different hand,

2(b) Endorsed: 'Le Chevalier Bruslart Jersey 31 Jany 1814'. Addressed to: 'Wm. Vardon, Ironmonger, Gracechurch Street, London' No. 3 red wax seal attached: Monogram L or S B, A letter, addressed to 'My dear good friend' but written in French, taking leave of the Vardon family and saying that Mr. de Perrin should be now have handed over £69 sterling to cover his debt and that any excess should be given to Miss Sheldreick to settle one or two bills that the writer had not had time to pay, that Mr. le Chevr de Contye, living with the Prince de Conde, would soon make himself known to Mr. Vardon and would explain his own claim on the arms deposited with Mr. Vardon and giving the address in Bath of the Vicomtesse de Richemont. A P.S. adds that the Chevr de Contye will hand over a packet to be kept with other papers and disposed of as agreed in case of the owner's death,

2(c) Letter endorsed: 'Duc de Harcourt 6 May 1814. Enclosing a letter for Miss Tristram, Enquiries for Bruslart and about the Armes'. Addressed to 'Mr. Vardon, 3 Gracechurch St., London': red wax seal, blurred impression, A letter, in English from 5 Burlington St., Bath, 6 May 1814 [the address given in 2(b) as that of the Vicomtesse de Richemont], asking for news of the Chr de Bruslart and asking if the 'arms belonging to the late Mr. Jenbich (?) are still in your Possession. I may not imagine that Mr de Conty would have taken them with him without having given notice to the Vicesse de Richemont',

2(d) Another letter: 'The Duc de Harcourt 11 May 1814, on the subject of Bruslart and the arms'. Addressed and sealed as 2(c), Letter from the same address acknowledging a reply written to the earlier letter and saying that the writer had written to the Duc de Berri for information, and apologising that he had not £75 available with which to redeem the arms 'belonging to the Vicomtesse de Richemont' but hoping that she would be able to sell them to a Chamberlain of the Emperor of Russia! ' should the Emperor have a Fancy to buy them the money would be deposited into your hands and after having taken out the £75 due to Mr de Conty, you would have the goodness to send the remainder',

3. Wrapping sheet: 'Copy correspondence with Hugh E. Vardon and Miss Emily Vardon' containing copies of four letters in September to October 1883 written by Frederick Hitchcock as executor of the will of Mrs. A. Vardon and enclosing the letters, 2 from Mr. H.E. Vardon and 1 from Miss Emily Vardon, to which they are replies, concerning the custody of the arms which had remained in the possession of William Vardon unitl his death in 1856 and had then been left in the custody of his brother, Arthur, from whom they had passed to that of Mrs. Arthur Vardon. H.E. Vardon claimed custody of the arms on the grounds that they were part of a family trust rather than the absolute possession of Mrs. Arthur Vardon but the final outcome of this dispute does not appear from these letters


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