Tower Armouries - Permanent Loans Out

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Tower Armouries - Permanent Loans Out

Tower Armouries - Permanent Loans Out





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Records relating to loans issued by the Tower Armouries, Loan No. 2, Queen's Own Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry (TA), Warwick, 1948-66, Loan No. 2, Central Ammunition Regiment, Bramley, 1970-77, Loan No. 2, 49th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, Churchill Barracks, 1979-88 |b Also referred to as the 27th Field Regiment, Loan No. 3, RAOC Officers Mess, Derby, 1952-64, Loan No. 5, Central Ordnance Depot, Chilwell, 1950-59, Loan No. 5, 562nd Parachute Squadron RCT, Southall, 1956-75 |b Also referred to as the Garrison Officers' Mess, Loan No. 7, Municipal Museum, Warrington, 1918, Loan No. 7, Officers Mess, HM Tower of London, 1918-19, Loan No. 9, Armourers and Brasiers Company, 1914-25, Loan No. 10, Deal Castle, 1917-64, Loan No. 11, The Honourable Artillery Company, London, 1963, Loan No. 11, War Office Selection Board, London, 1944, Loan No. 12, Edinburgh Castle, 1930-70 |b Also known as the Scottish United Services Museum, Loan No. 13, Royal Artillery Officers' Mess, Shoeburyness, 1936-40 |b Also referred to as the 6th Medium Battery, Royal Artillery, Loan No. 13, Dartmouth Castle, 1950-61, Loan No. 14, Edinburgh Castle, 1930-70 |b See Loan No. 12, Loan No. 14, No. 15 W.O.S.B. (O.C.T.U.), Monk Fryston, 1942, Loan No. 15, RAOC T.S. Depot, Old Dalby, 1941-64 |b Also referred to as the RAOC Central Ordnance Depot, Loan No. 15, RAOC Training Centre, Blackdown, 1953-55, Loan No. 15, 22nd (Southport) Corps Troops, Transport Column, Royal Army Service Corps (TA), Southport, 1956-64, Loan No. 15, Queen's House, Tower of London, 1962-64, Loan No. 15, 29th Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, Plymouth, 1970-73, Loan No. 16, Windsor Castle, 1953-65, Loan No. 18, 4th Battalion (The Buffs), Canterbury, 1926-47, Loan No. 18, Royal Air Force, Sandwich, 1952-58, Loan No. 19, 4th Battalion (The Buffs), Margate, 1940-46, Loan No. 19, 42nd Royal Tank Regiment, London, 1952-69 |b Also referred to as the 23rd London Regiment (TA) and the 4th Battalion The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment (TA), Loan No. 19, Upnor Castle, Kent, 1971-74, Loan No. 20, Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth, 1941, Loan No. 20, The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, Reading, 1953, Loan No. 21, The Garrison, Tower of London, 1927-71, Loan No. 22, Farleigh Castle, Hungerford, 1933-62, Loan No. 23, 2nd Line, 65th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, London, 1939-46 |b Also referred to as the 118th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1939, Loan No. 23, Regular Commissions Board, Westbury, 1953-75, Loan No. 23, Royal Scots, Milton Bridge, 1927-38, Loan No. 24, CAD, Kineton, 1942-60, Loan No. 24, Superindent of Works, Tower of London, 1960-73, Loan No. 25, The Royal Scots Greys, Edinburgh, 1935-40, Loan No. 25, Sandhurst Collection, Sandhurst, Surrey, 1954-59, Loan No. 26, Army School of Education, Wakefield, 1942, Loan No. 26, No. 29 VRD, RAOC, Donnington Hall, 1942-47, Loan No. 26, 42nd (Lancashire) Infantry Divisional Column, Royal Army Service Corps (TA), Manchester, 1953-60, Loan No. 26, National Army Museum, 1961-67, Loan No. 28, King's Own Regiment Regimental Museum, Lancaster, 1936-72, Loan No. 29, London Divisional Signals, 1936-39, Loan No. 30, 17th Training Regiment, Royal Artillery, Oswestry, 1950-63, Loan No. 31, Royal Army Service Corps, 1953-58, Loan No. 32, Fixed Defences, Royal Artillery, Portsmouth, 1933-60 |b This loan changed hands many times, being at Southsea Castle for many years under the 80th L.A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery, at Southsea Castle, before being taken over by the 291st (4 London) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, Lewisham. It was finally cancelled and the material transferred to Woolwich Arsenal, See Loan No. 37, Loan No. 32, 19th Company, Royal Army Service Corps (Tank Transporter), Retford, 1960-69, Loan No. 33, 8th Battalion (Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders), 1932-65, Loan No. 33, Borough of Great Yarmouth, 1969-74, Loan No. 34, Black Watch Museum, Blahousie Castle, Perth, 1952, Loan No. 35, Chelmsford and Essex Museum, Chelmsford, 1978, Loan No. 37, Royal Arsenal West, Woolwich, 1926-47, Loan No. 38, HQ Northern Command, York, 1926-42 |b Also referred to as the RAOC, York, Loan No. 38, Army Catering Corps, Aldershot, 1954-59 |b See also Loan No. 55, Loan No. 39, Officer's Training Corps, Manchester University, 1963-72, Loan No. 40, Chester Castle, Chester, 1919-31, Loan No. 41, Wiltshire Regiment Museum, 1965-73, Loan No. 42, RAOC, Dover, 1931-42, Loan No. 42, CAD, Nescliffe, 1942-59, Loan No. 43, Carlisle Castle, 1933-56, Loan No. 44, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Warwick, 1932, Loan No. 44, Royal Army Service Corps Museum, Aldershot, 1946-63, Loan No. 45, RAOC, Tidworth, 1926-40, Loan No. 45, Arbroath Abbey, 1954-69, Loan No. 47, RAOC, Longtown, 1942-69, Loan No. 48, 41st Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment, Oldham, 1940-76 |b Also referred to as the 75th Engineer Regiment Workshops, Loan No. 48, 75th Engineer Regiment Workshop (RTR), REME, Oldham, 1971-76, Loan No. 50, HM Gun Wharf, Devonport, 1926-37, Loan No. 51, 921st AA Company, RASC, Plumstead, 1940-42 |b Also referred to as the RASC, 6th AA Division, and the 1st AA Divisional RASC, Loan No. 54, 12th Vehicle Depot W/S, REME, Feltham, 1936-75 |b Also referred to as the Central Vehicle Depot, RAOC, and the Central Volunteer Head Quarters, Loan No. 55, No. 3 Stores Depot, RAD, Milton, 1935-54 |b Also referred to as No. 3 Maintenance Unit, Loan No. 55, Army Catering Corps Training Centre, Aldershot, 1954-60 |b See also Loan No. 38, Loan No. 56, London Area Signals Company, 1940-41 |b Also referred to as London District Signals, Loan No. 56, ROAC, Donnington, 1942-43, Loan No. 58, No. 1 Petroleum Reserve Depot, RASC, West Moors, 1954-61, Loan No. 59, HMS Excellent, Portsmouth, 1954-61, Loan No. 59, Home Postal Depot, Royal Engineers, London, 1961-65, Loan No. 59, 30th Signal Regiment, Blandford Forum, 1971, Loan No. 59, Blackburn Museum, 1975, Loan No. 60, PMC Officers Mees, Head Quarters, Eastern Command, Hounslow, 1965-70 |b Later part of Southern Command, Loan No. 61, Command Ordnance Depot, RAOC, Aldershot, 1934-60 |b See also Loan No. 27, Loan No. 63, Command Ordnance Depot, RAOC, Stirling, 1926-54, Loan No. 66, 5th/7th Battalion, The Duke of Wellington's Regmiment (TA), Longwood, 1955-57, Loan No. 67, Royal Leicestershire Regiment, TA, Leicester, 1944-67, Loan No. 68, Seaforth Highlanders, Fort George, 1936, Loan No. 69, RASC Museum, Aldershot, 1926-63 |b See also Loan No. 44, Loan No. 70, 2nd Battalion, City of London Regiment, London, 1935-40 |b Also referred to as the 9th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, Chapelwood Manor, Loan No. 70, Head Quarters, Eastern Command, Hounslow, 1955-57, Loan No. 70, RAOC, Chilwell, 1941-47, Loan No. 70, RAOC, Aldershot, 1948-53, Loan No. 71, Senior Officers School, Sheerness, 1940, Loan No. 72, 28th Light Battery, Royal Artillery, 1961-66 |b Also referred to as the 28th Battery, 19th Regiment, Royal Artillery, Loan No. 72, RAOC, Hilsea, 1926-47 |b Includes correspondence relating to material transferred from RAOC, Tidworth, Loan No. 72, Private Secretary, Housing Construction and Transport Industries, Department of the Environment, London, 1972-76, Loan No. 73, COD, RAOC, Chilwell, 1926-37, Loan No. 73, RASC Training Centre, Aldershot, 1948-60, Loan No. 73, Army Apprentices College, Arborfield, 1963-72, Loan No. 74, Ordnance Office, Jersey, 1926, Loan No. 74, 8th Infantry Workshop, REME, Taunton, 1955-61, Loan No. 75, 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars, Barnard Castle, 1959-61, Loan No. 75, Technical Stores Sub-Depot, Greenford, 1940-57 |b Also referred to as Central Ordnance Depot, Greenford, Loan No. 76, HW East Midland District, Bestwood Lodge, 1954-77, Loan No. 77, Royal Sussex Regiment, Chichester, 1939-54, Loan No. 77, 2nd Training Battalion, RASC, Aldershot, 1955-58, Loan No. 77, Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon, 1962-88, Loan No. 78, 4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, Bath, 1940, Loan No. 78, 70 Company, RASC, Hounslow, 1960, Loan No. 78, 7(BT) Training Battalion, REME, Barton Stacey, 1955-59, Loan No. 84, City of Southampton Museum Department, 1973-77, Loan No. 86, Head Quarters, Aldershot and Hampshire District, Aldershot, 1941-47 |b Previously known as Aldershot Area, Loan No. 87, 18 Section RAOC, Didcot, 1926-54 |b Also referred to as No. 4 Section RaOC. See also Loan No. 119, Loan No. 89, 14 Regiment Royal Artillery, Dortmund, 1957-64 |b Originally lent to 45 Regiment Royal Artillery, Dortmund, Loan No. 90, Royal Fusiliers, London, 1962-68, Loan No. 91, Portsmouth City Museums, Portsmouth, 1964-70, Loan No. 92, Supply Depot, RAOC, Aldershot, 1945-83 |b Loan originally to the Field Test Centre, RAOC, Chatham, and later to the Ordnance Support Unit, RAOC, Ashford, Loan No. 93, Royal Citadel, Plymouth, 1926-82, Loan No. 94, Regional Depot, RAOC, Thatcham, 1956-79 |b Previously known as Command Ordnance Depot, Thatcham, Loan No. 95, Thurrock Local History Museum, Grays, 1959-69 |b Originally lent to Musketry Camp, Purfleet. See Loan No. 91, Loan No. 97, RASC, Cavalry Barracks, York, 1942, Loan No. 97, Eaton Hall Officer Cadet School, Chester, 1954-57, Loan No. 97, The Museum, 4th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, Hull, 1959-72, Loan No. 98, Ministry of Works and Buildings, Deeshill Park, Chester, 1941-42, Loan No. 99, No. 5 Chilwell M.T. Group, RAOC, Uffington, 1944-45, Loan No. 99, The Worcester Regiment, Worcester, 1926-38, Loan No. 100, No. 41 WOSB (OCTU) ATS, Hampstead, 1944-45, Loan No. 100, 648 HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery, Hackney, 1954-55, Loan No. 100, PMC, Officers Mess, RAF Bawdsey, 1958-74, Loan No. 100, Inspectorate of Armaments, Red Barracks, Woolwich, 1936-49 |b Previously lent to the Military College of Science, Woolwich, Loan No. 100, 25 Field Engineering Regiment, Maidstone, 1955-58, Loan No. 101, Regimental Museum, Royal Norfolk Regiment, Norwich, 1941-58, Loan No. 101, 4th Battalion, Royal Norfold Regiment, 1926-48, Loan No. 101, 383 Field Regiment Royal Artillery (DCRH) (TA), Portsmouth, 1958-67, Loan No. 102, Ministry of Defence Proof and Experimental Establishment, Cumberland, 1955-60, Loan No. 102, Surrey Yeomanry, Lewisham, 1967 |b Also referred to as 291 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA) and 91st Field Brigade, Royal Artillery (TA), Loan No. 103, Sandhurst, Camberley, 1926-31 |b Previously lent to the Mons Officer Cadet School, Aldershot, Loan No. 104, 98th LAA Regiment, Royal Artillery, Penllergaer, 1941-43 |b Previously lent to the 34th LAA Regiment and the 80th LAA Regiment, Loan No. 104, Central Ordnance Depot, Basing, 1944-46, Loan No. 104, 10 Command Workshop, REME, Mill Hill, 1958-60, Loan No. 104, Rotunda, Woolwich, 1960-67, Loan No. 106, Hampshire Heavy Brigade, Royal Artillery, 1927-41, Loan No. 108, No. 4 WOSB, Garston Manor, Watford, 1942-55, Loan No. 108, 453/488 HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1949-55, Loan No. 109, The Welsh Regiment, Cardiff, 1933-40 |b Also referred to as the 246th (Welsh) Field Company, Royal Engineers, Loan No. 109, PMC Graven Hill Officers Mess, Central Ordnance Depot, Branston, Loan No. 110, 36 Corps Engineer Regiment, Maidstone, 1958-60, Loan No. 111, 215 Squadron RCT, Grays, Essex, 1965-68 |b Also referred to as 536 Squadron RCT, Loan No. 111, Port of London Authority, World Trade Centre, 1971-78, Loan No. 112, The School, Shrewsbury, 1928-68, Loan No. 113, Guns and Vehicles Division, Royal Ordnance Factory, Nottingham, 1965-71, Loan No. 114, Ordnance Depot, Hilsea, 1928-38 |b Also referred to as ROAC School of Instruction, Loan No. 114, 85 Company RASC MT, Oswestry, 1954-58 |b Also Previously stationed in Shrewsbury, Loan No. 116, RAOC Hilsea Barracks, Portsmouth |b Notes transferred to Loan No. 56, ROAC, Blackdown Museum in January 1962, Loan no. 117, Manchester University Air Squadron, Manchester, 1864-67, Loan No. 118, 114th Army Engineer Regiment (HA), Hackney, 1958-60, Loan No. 119, Officers Mess, OCD, Bicester, Oxfordshire, 1963-68, Loan No. 120, 64th Field Battery, Royal Artillery, Bulford, 1926-39 |b Also referred to as the 20th Field Battery, Royal Artillery, Loan No. 120, 26th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, Bulford, 1939-60, Loan no. 120, RAOC/REME Assocations Social Club, Hilsea, 1935-67, Loan No. 120, Regimental Museum of the Worcester Regiment, Worcester, 1947-48, Loan No. 122, VII Corps Signals, Fulham, 1937-40 |b Also referred to as the London Corps Signals (TA), Loan No. 123, The Grosvenor Museum, Chester, 1950-82, Loan No. 124, 7th City of London Regiment, Finsbury Road, London, 1931-40, Loan No. 124, Admiralty House, Whitehall, London, 1953, Loan No. 124, Oxburgh Hall, Kings Lynn, 1955-75, Loan No. 125, The York and Lancaster Regiment, Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield, 1933-81, Loan No. 126, Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, 1929-38, Loan No. 127, The Military College of Science, Shrivenham, 1948-59, Loan No. 127, 15th and 16th Battalions RAOC, Bicester, 1954-60, Loan No. 129, Regimental Head Quarters, The King's Regiment, Liverpool, 1959-83, Loan No. 130, No. 1 Training Battalion RAOC, Blackdown, 1949-53 |b Also contains correspondence relating to Loan No. 70 taken out by the same battalion, and details of a loan to 100 OCTU, RAOC, Wareham, 1945-46, Loan No. 130, The Queen's Royal Regiment, Guildford, 1953-59, Loan No. 131, 11th Field Battalion, Wellington Lines, Aldershot, 1934-41, Loan No. 131, 5 Selection Battalion RASC, Aldershot, 1946-60, Loan no. 131, PMC Station Sergeants Mess, Leamington Spa, 1962-67, Loan No. 132, Officers Mess, Lille Barracks, 1941-42, Loan No. 132, OC No. 11 WOSB, Golders Green, London, 1944, Loan No. 132, Fort George, Inverness-shire, 1968-74, Loan no. 133, 238 LAA Royal Artillery Training Regiment, Buxton, 1942-43, Loan No. 133, 8th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Argyllshire, 1940-66, Loan No. 134, The Castle, Carlisle, 1926-42, Loan No. 135, Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, 1929-34, Loan No. 137, Dumbarton Castle, Scotland, 1929-34, Loan No. 138, The Depot Regiment, Royal Engineers, Chatham, 1860-1971, Loan No. 139, 22nd (London) Armoured Car Company, Royal Tank Corps (TA), 1932-38, Loan No. 139, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, 1932-63, Loan No. 142, Dover Garrison, Dover, 1926-58, Loan No. 142, Junior Tradesmen's Regiment, Rhyl, 1964-74, Loan No. 143, Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, 1926-46, Loan No. 144, St Mawes Castle, Cornwall, 1926-62, Loan No. 145, Pendennis Castle, Cornwall, 1930-65, Loan No. 146, Museum of London, c/o Kensington Palace, London, 1965-71, Loan No. 148, Imperial Service College, OTC, 1942, Loan No. 150, 16th/5th Lancers, Tidworth, 1928, Loan No. 150, Water Transport Group, RASC, Gosport, 1956-63, Loan No. 151, HMS Vernon, Portsmouth, 1928-56, Loan No. 152, Head Quarters, 2 Divisional Regiment, RCT, British Forces Post Box 46, 1959-83 |b Previously held by 104 Company, RASC, Loan No. 155, Stanford Practical Training Area, Norfolk, 1949-63, Loan No. 156, Fort Westmoreland, Spike Island, 1929-38, Loan No. 156, COD, Corsham, Wiltshire, 1946-62, Loan No. 157, Household Cavalry Museum, Windsor, 1957-62, Loan No. 158, Southsea Castle, 1930-67 |b Previously held by Portsmouth City Coucncil, Guildhall, Portsmouth, Loan No. 159, Edinburgh Castle, 1930-70 |b See Loan No. 12, Loan No. 160, RAF Staff College, Andover, 1930-42, Loan No. 161, Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield, 1926-76, Loan No. 162, 34 LAA Regiment, Royal Artillery, Lingfield, 1960, Loan No. 163, 4th Battalion, The Buffs, Kent, 1931-37, Loan No. 163, 7 Infantry Workshop, REME, Gillingham, 1956-57, Loan No. 163, National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1979-81, Loan No. 164, Head Quarters, East Midland District, Bestwood Lodge, Nottingham, 1964-70, Loan No. 165, Maidstone Barracks, 1931-40, Loan No. 165, 203 (Welsh) General Hospital, RAMC (Volunteers), Cardiff, 1965-68, Loan No. 166, Ancient Monuments Committee, Guernsey, 1966-71, Loan No. 167, 18 Command Workshop, REME, Wareham, Dorset, 1965-71, Loan No. 168, 1st Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, Tidworth, 1935-46, Loan No. 168, Central Office of Information, Sumner Street, London, 1965-72 |b Previously held by the Wellington Museum, Waterloo, Belgium, Loan No. 169, Head Quarters, Solent Garrison, Portsmouth, 1917-61, Loan No. 170, Officers Mess, 3 Base Ammunition Depot, RAOC, British Forces Post Office 40, 1965-74, Loan No. 172, Duchess of Argyll Convalescent Home, Dumbarton, 1940-48, Loan No. 174, Department of the Environment, 1966-71, Loan No. 175, Head Quarters, 1st Field Regiment, RCHA, 1940, Loan No. 175, Cabinet Office, 1966-76, Loan No. 177, HMS Vernon, Portsmouth, 1966-72, Loan No. 178, Junior Leaders Regiment RCT, Taunton, 1966-68, Loan No. 183, Guns Department RARDE, Fort Halstead, Kent, 1966-73 |b Also known as the Defence and Evaluation Research Agency, Fort Halstead, Loan No. 184, Department of Military History, Royal Military Academy, Camberley, 1966-69, Loan No. 185, 1st (Queens) Dragoon Guards, Shrewsbury, 1966-76, Loan No. 186, Head Quarters, Director of Ordnance Services, Didcot, 1969-73, Loan No. 187, Head Quarters, No. 9 (LA) Group ACF, Plumstead, London, 1967-69, Loan No. 189, 225 (CIty of Birmingham) Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, Oldbury, 1967-76, Loan No. 192, National Trust, Westerham, Kent, 1967-73, Loan No. 193, ROF, Centre for Management Studies, Chorley, 1967-73, Loan No. 195 Sergeants Mess, 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, Colchester, 1968-72, Loan No. 198, 2nd Heavy Battery Royal Artillery, 24 Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Forces Post Office 16, 1967-72, Loan No. 200, RAOC Training Centre, Camberley, 1968-70, Loan No. 201, Ordnance Supply Unit, RAOC, Shrewsbury, 1968-70 |b Previouslyheld by Western Command Supply Depot, Shrewsbury, Loan No. 202, 223 Signal Squadron (Radio), Winchester, 1968-75, Loan No. 204, Sergeants Mess, Junior Leaders Regiment RCT/RAOC, Taunton, 1962-69, Loan No. 205, Head Quarters, 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO), York, 1969-74, Loan No. 206, Havant and Waterloo Urban District Council, 1965-74, Loan No. 207, Department of Public Buildings and Works States Office, Jersey, 1969-74, Loan No. 208, Brigade of Guards Museum, Wellington Barracks, London, 1969-74, Loan No. 209, Officers Mess, Army School of Transport, Liss, Hampshire, 1969-76, Loan No. 211, Army Physical Training Corps Association, Aldershot, 1969-74, Loan No. 213, RCT Officers Mess, Southampton, 1970-83, Loan No. 216, Tower Art Gallery, Eastbourne, 1970-75


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