Aeroplane recognition charts

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Aeroplane recognition charts

Aeroplane recognition charts


September 1943





Scope and Content

Containing recognition outlines of German and British aeroplanes.

Sheet 1: 'Single in-line engined monoplanes/British and German': Barracuda; Typhoon; Hurricane; Kittyhawk; Messerschmitt Me 190F & G; Junkers Ju 87D; Spifire IX; Defiant; Firefly; Spitfire XII. 'Scale 1'/40 = 1'',

Sheet 2: 'Single radial engined monoplanes/British and German': Lysander; Corsair; Thunderbolt; Martlet; Kingfisher; Tarpon; Henschel Hs 126; Arado Ar 196B; Focke Wulf Fw 190; Seamew. 'Scale 1'/40 = 1'',

Sheet 3: 'Twin-engined single fin & rudder monoplanes/British and German': Dakota; Junkers Ju 88; Beaufighter; Anson; Oxford; Keinkel He 111; Boston; Beaufort; Blenheim IV; Whirlwind. 'Scale 1'/80 = 1'',

Sheet 4: 'Twin-engined twin fin & rudder monoplanes/British and German': Ventura; Hampden; Hudson; Focke Wulf Fw 109; Whitley V; Mitchell; Dornier Do 217; Messerschmitt Me 110. 'Scale 1'/80 = 1'' Sheet cracked,

Sheet 5: 'Two & three engined monoplanes/British and German': Heinkel He 177; Junkers Ju 52; Marauder; Mosquito IV; Messerschmitt Me 210; Warwick; Wellington II; Baltimore; Lightning; Henschel Hs 129. 'Scale 1'/80 = 1'' Sheet cracked,

Sheet 6: 'Four engined monoplanes/Allied and German': York; Liberator III; Fortress II; Halifax; C-54 Skymaster; Focke Wulf 200K; Lancaster; Stirling. 'Scale 1'/80 = 1'',

Sheet 7: 'Miscellaneous Aircraft/ Allied and Japanese': Mavis (Navy 97); Emily (Navy 2); Sunderland; Blohm & Voss, Bv138; `mariner; Coronado; Catalina; Horsa. 'Scale 1'/80 = 1'',

Sheet 8: 'Japanese Aircraft': Kate (Navy 97); Nell (Navy 96.); Zeke (Navy 0); Pete (Navy 0); Val (Navy 99); Betty (Navy 1); Rufe (Navy 0); Hap Navy 0 (Mk.II). 'Scale 1'/40 = 1' for single-engine. 1'/80 = 1' for multi-engine'.


8 charts

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

8 transparent plastic sheets, with a plain white backing sheet, held together in the upper left-hand corner by a split ring (rusty). Each sheet shows ten aeroplanes, with four views of each, from below, the left-hand side, level front view and half right or left front. Each sheet is marked 'Restricted (For Official Use only)' in the top left-hand corner; 'A.R. Mat. Ref. No. 142' in the bottom left-hand corner; the scale used is in the centre of the bottom of each sheet and the date in the right-hand bottom corner. All sheets are buckled and yellowed. 6 inches x 7 inches (155 cm x 175 cm)

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