Stereoscopic photographs of the First World War together with viewer

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Stereoscopic photographs of the First World War together with viewer

Stereoscopic photographs of the First World War together with viewer


1914 - 1918





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In three boxes, made up as book backs, labelled Vol. I, II; III, IV; V, VI, with viewer in similar box labelled Vol. I, II


4 boxes; 300 photographs; 1 stereographic viewer

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KEY 1/1 - Serajevo, Yugoslavia, scene of murder of Crown Prince which started the flame that engulfed all Europe
KEY 1/2 - Parade of Cuirassier Guards marching to the Parade Ground, Berlin, Germany
KEY 1/5 - French colonial (Morocco) cavalry in Paris
KEY 1/6 - The 48th Highlanders of Toronto
KEY 1/7 - Vise, Belgium, scene of the first conflict of the war
KEY 1/12 - "Mur Tschoffen," wall in Dinant before which Germans shot many loyal Belgians
KEY 1/13 - Altar of Maliines Cathedral, wrecked by German shells
KEY 1/14 - Cardinal Mercier, renowned Belgian prelate, speaking at Dinant, Belgium
KEY 1/17 - Awaiting enemy in French trenches with rifle and mitraileuse
KEY 1/18 - French cavalry ready to follow an infantry attack
KEY 1/19 - French cavalry horses swimming river, in Northern France
KEY 1/20 - Tangled ruins of Marne bridge blown up by Germans and Red Cross train wreck
KEY 1/21 - National road bridge over the Marne, blown up to prevent German advance
KEY 1/24 - Inspecting a nearly completed pontoon bridge in the French sector of the West Front
KEY 1/25 - French troops crossing the Marne by pontoon bridge
KEY 1/26 - Battle of the Aisne,French Infantry transfering to left wing
KEY 1/29 - The Highland Regiment of the British Army marching through Boulogne
KEY 1/31 - Marshal Haig and General Antoine at review of French First Division
KEY 1/32 - Ypres Cathedral in ruins, British lorry in foreground
KEY 1/33 - Shell bursting in the Grand Place, Ypres, Belgium
KEY 1/36 - British Royal Engineers constructing second line of trenches in Flanders
KEY 1/37 - "And the trench was a reeking shambles," German dead in the La Bassee Area
KEY 1/38 - Strong concrete German position and victims after Battle of Menin Road
KEY 1/40 - Where Hell was Loose, War's Indescribable Desolation and Unburied Victims, Lens
KEY 1/43 - Temporary homes in devasted Lens, long occupied by the Germans, France
KEY 1/44 - Proud men of the north who fought on Flander's field
KEY 1/45 - "Down in a shell crater, we fought like Kilkenny cars", Battle of Cambrai
KEY 1/48 - Historic first landing of Allied troops at Dardanelles
KEY 1/49 - West Beach, Galipoli, scene of British landing and of terrible battles
KEY 1/50 - Serbian reserves in the Balkan mountains awaiting orders to advance
KEY 1/51 - Serbian cavalry ready for battle on the Balkan plains
KEY 1/55 - No Man's Land, sea of barbed wire in front of Bulgarian lines, Salonika Front
KEY 1/56 - Rifle grenade in a British first line trench in the Balkans
KEY 1/59 - View in a trench kitchen underground on the Salonika Front
KEY 1/61 - View from stage of a Serbian Army audience in an outdoor theatre at the front. prompter in foreground
KEY 1/62 - Modern cliff dwellers, a regimental headquarters back of Serbian Front
KEY 1/63 - Water front of Trieste, the prize taken by Italy from Austria
KEY 1/66 - Watching an airplane combat over the Italian lines
KEY 1/67 - Camp of Italian outpost on steep alpine slope
KEY 1/68 - Fire spray captured from the Austrians in the district of Vapitello in Italy
KEY 1/70 - British battle cruiser Indomitable, which sunk the German battle cruiser Blucher
KEY 1/73 - A French relief column of Algerian Zouaves in forest of Argonne
KEY 1/74 - French Gunners Charging Huge 270 mm. (Howitzer) in Forest of Argonne
KEY 1/75 - "And they did not pass", main entrance and gate into city of Verdun, France
KEY 1/78 - Poilus preparing barbed wire for front line, Lempire, Meuse, France
KEY 1/79 - A village reduced to debris near Verdun, France
KEY 1/80 - A battery of the famous 270 mortars (Howitzers), Mount St. Eloi
KEY 1/81 - Entrenched Highlanders on the lookout using mirror periscope
KEY 1/82 - President Poincare and Marshall Joffre, visiting officers' quarters on the Somme Front
KEY 1/85 - Ruins of famous church at Albert, France
KEY 1/86 - Ruined village of Eclusiers, France, M'lle Semmer decorated for heroic action under fire
KEY 1/87 - The world renowned cathedral at Reims France ruined by the Germans
KEY 1/92 - The ruined stronghold of Fort de la Malmaison, Chemin des Dames, France
KEY 1/93 - Chemin de Dames, barbed wire entanglement
KEY 1/94 - Desolate waste on Chemin des Dames battlefield, France
KEY 1/97 - Weird desolation of Berry au Bac, after four years of fighting, France
KEY 1/98 - "Through it all like horror runs the red redentment of the guns," Oise, France
KEY 1/99 - "Out where the bombs are bursting and the cannons like hell-doors slam"
KEY 1/100 - The terrible desolation of once fertile hills and valleys, France
KEY 1/101 - Searching the Ruins, "Somewhere in France"
KEY 1/105 - Alincourt, France; German Ammunition Camp Destroyed by Allied Airmen
KEY 1/106 - German Ammunition Depont, after Visit of French Airmen, Alincourt, Ardennes, France
KEY 1/109 - Setting up Large Searchlight in Advance Lines, Vosges Sector
KEY 1/111 - In a French Trench, Sandbag Protected, Showing Dart Bombs
KEY 1/112 - French Soldiers Resting in the Trenches
KEY 1/113 - Red Cross "Dog Encampments" Behind the Lines in the French Sector
KEY 1/117 - Rendering First Aid to the Wounded in the French Trenches
KEY 1/118 - Bringing in Wounded on French Front after Battle Ablain St. Nazaire
KEY 1/120 - British Red Cross Ambulance in French Service, Northern France
KEY 1/124 - French Convalescents, Nicknamed "The Cripples", about to Return to the Front
KEY 1/125 - Allied Soldiers Binding up the Wounds of Their Prisoners after the Battle
KEY 1/129 - Section of Many Miles of French Field Kitchens
KEY 1/131 - Provisioning an Immense Army- British Transpor Wagons in France
KEY 1/132 - Modern Artillery Transport by Auto in France
KEY 1/136 - A British 9.2 inch Howitzer Under Camouflage
KEY 1/137 - Feeding "Grannie"- Shell Hoisted into Position
KEY 1/142 - French 75 Millimeter Guns in Ambush Near German Trenches
KEY 1/143 - Artillerymen Who, Between the Germans and the Mud, are Emplacing Their Guns With Difficulty
KEY 1/144 - Famous 8 inch Howitzer in Its Camoulaged Position on the British Front
KEY 1/148 - Zeppelin Flying Over a German Town- Lower Valley of the Rhine
KEY 1/149 - House in Southend, England, Wrecked by Bombs from Raiding Zeppelins
KEY 1/151 - Zeppelin Wrecked and Burned- Ruins Being Inspected by French Troops
KEY 1/152 - "Enemy Airmen Successfully Bombed One of Our Supply Trains," Official report
KEY 1/156 - The Eyes of the Army- View of German Town from American Airplane
KEY 1/157 - Bridgnet Michelin Bombarding Airplane Ready to Ascend
KEY 1/163 - "Through sickly shrapnel-sown meadows reaped by death alone"
KEY 1/164 - Watching "the Crimson Choris of the Guns" Playing to the Enemy
KEY 1/167 - Huge Shell Hole besides a Highway, France
KEY 1/168 - Monument in Memory of Canadians Who Fellat Vimy in April, 1917
KEY 1/169 - Boyish German Prisoners at a Dressing Station, Longpont
KEY 1/170 - German Prisoners, Under Guard of French Soldiers, Were Humanely Treated by the Allies
KEY 1/171 - "And Now We Lie in Flanders' Fields." Vallee Foulon, France
KEY 1/175 - "Red fields of slaughter sloping down to ruin's black abyss"
KEY 1/176 - His Last Fight- "See he lies, death staring from his eyes"- Somewhere in France
KEY 1/182 - Huge Armoured Tank Making Its Way through a Smoke Screen
KEY 1/183 - How France Aided Her Fighters- Renault Tanks Going to the Front
KEY 1/187 - For Five Hours New York's Citizen Army Poured by Reviewing Stand, Twenty Men Abreast
KEY 1/188 - Looking Over Soldiers' Quarters- General Hospital in Distance, Camp Upron, N.Y.
KEY 1/190 - Sunshine Keeps Our Soldiers Healthy. Daily Sunning of Equipment
KEY 1/194 - Our Boys in France Learning to Correctly Use Gas Masks
KEY 1/195 - Soldiers About to Enter Tear-Gas Trench, Camp Dix, New Jersey
KEY 1/198 - Our Answer to the Kaiser- 3,000 of America's Millions Eager to Fight for Democracy
KEY 1/199 - Thousands Marching, Thousands Watching! Our National Army, Chicago, Aug. 4, 1917
KEY 1/201 - Sousa's Famous Marine Band Playing on South Steps of Treasury Building., Washington, DC
KEY 1/202 - Thousands of Uncle Sam;s Sailors, Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois
KEY 1/205 - A Sailor's Sweeping Day Reminds Him Keenly of Home and Mother - Life on Board a Battleship
KEY 1/206 - Marines and Sailors Dispersing after an Assembly Aft for Instructions - Life on Board a Battleship
KEY 1/207 - Bugler Calling Marines and Sailors to Assemble for Instruction- Life on Board a Battleship
KEY 1/212 - Joffre and Pershing in Governor's Gardens, Paris, France
KEY 1/213 - Marshall Foch, General Pershing, Madame Joffre, Marshall Joffre and General Dubail, at Paris
KEY 1/214 - Camp Pontanezen, at Brest, France, from Which American Soldiers Were Returned to the United States
KEY 1/218 - Lafayette, We Are Here! First American Soldiers that Marched in Paris
KEY 1/219 - Entrance to Dugout, Y.M.C.A. Station at Bandonviller
KEY 1/220 - An Interesting Scene in the Social Room of a Y.M.C.A. Army Camp Hut
KEY 1/221 - General De Puydraguen Coming Out of a Trench near Lac Blanc in the Vosges Section
KEY 1/224 - Wrecked Submarine at Bruges, Belgium, a German Submarine Base
KEY 1/225 - One of the Notorious U-boats Stranded on the South Coast of England after Surrender
KEY 1/226 - Looking South over Chateau-Thierry from the Ramparts of the Old Chateau
KEY 1/232 - Looking from Belleau Village South across the Valley to Belleau Wood
KEY 1/233 - Grave of Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt, Buried by Germans where He Fell
KEY 1/236 - Ruins of Longpont Village and Abbey, France
KEY 1/237 - Artillery Observers Telephoning Headquarters from the Front on the Marne
KEY 1/238 - Captured German Machine Guns on Road from Villers-Cotterets to Soissons
KEY 1/240 - Bringing in 1900 German Prisoners Captured by American Forces, France
KEY 1/244 - German Battery of 150 mm. Guns, Captured by American Troops Near Montfaucon
KEY 1/245 - An American Division Headquarters at the Front
KEY 1/248 - General Pershing Awarding Congressional Medals to Brave American Boys, Chaumont, France
KEY 1/249 - Our Doughboys at Work- Ordnance Repair Shop, Mehun-sur-Yevre, France
KEY 1/251 - "Kamarad" and German Trophies in a French Chateau
KEY 1/252 - The Stars and Stripes Flying over Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, on the Rhine, Germany
KEY 1/253 - Guards at American Bridgehead Boundary, Montabaur, East of the Rhine
KEY 1/257 - Tractor-drawn Artillery of 89th Division Before Largest Hangar in Germany
KEY 1/258 - U.S. Army Tractor Negotiating the Steep Declivities of Rhine at Coblenz
KEY 1/260 - Observation Balloons near Coblenz, Germany
KEY 1/264 - Introducing Baseball in Germany, U.S. Army of Occupation on the Rhine
KEY 1/265 - After the Strennuous War Days- American Boys Enjoying a Rhine Excursion
KEY 1/268 - Cementing Anglo-French Friendship, Soldiers of France in London
KEY 1/269 - Victory Day Celebration, July 14, 1919- Arch of Triumph, Paris
KEY 1/271 - Sons of France on Parade in Paris
KEY 1/272 - Gallant Legionaires od Czechoslovakia on Parade, Prague
KEY 1/276 - President Wilson and Brand Whitlock at Nieuport, Belgium
KEY 1/277 - Where the Peace Treaty was Signed, Palace of Versailles, France
KEY 1/283 - Some of Our Two Million Fighters Ready for Home, Brest, France
KEY 1/284 - Our Boys Boarding Transport For "the Good Old USA"
KEY 1/288 - Colored Troops Returning from France on S.S. Aquitanis, New York
KEY 1/289 - Ready for the "Abandon Ship" Drill: U.S. Soldiers With Life Belts Adjusted
KEY 1/290 - A Friendly Bout among Our Boys, on Transport Resturning from France
KEY 1/291 - Hospital Deck on Giant Transport "Leviathan"
KEY 1/295 - Fighters Who Broke the Hindenburg Line, Parading Down Fifth Avenue, New York
KEY 1/296 - Happy Reunion for Home-coming Soldier Fathers