DUPLICATE RECORD. Gibraltar - Photographs

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DUPLICATE RECORD. Gibraltar - Photographs

DUPLICATE RECORD. Gibraltar - Photographs





Scope and Content

Twenty eight photographs removed from an photograph album, 1901, 1. The south parade ground Gibraltar, 2. A transport ship at Gibraltar, 3. Rosia Bay, Gibraltar, 4. The 100-ton gun battery, Gibraltar, 5. The new mole, Gibraltar, 6. The new mole, Gibraltar, 7. A transport ship at Gibraltar, 8. Gibraltar, 9. Gibraltar, 10. The south parade ground, Gibraltar. The Royal Berks Regiment marches along the road, 11. The south parade ground from the new mole, Gibraltar, 12. A cab in Gibraltar, 13. The south barracks church, Gibraltar, 14. The south barracks signal station, Gibraltar, 15. The south barracks officers quarters, Gibraltar, 16. The Ball Room, officers quarters, Gibraltar, 17, The sitting out room, officers quarters, Gibraltar, 18. Gibraltar from Algeciras, 19. The Rock from the cemetary, Gibraltar, 20. The quarters north front, Gibraltar, 21. The quarters north front, Gibraltar, 22. A horse called 'pepper', Gibraltar, 23. A horse called 'pepper', Gibraltar, 24. Scenes of Gibraltar, 25. A horse called 'pepper', Gibraltar, 26. A horse called 'pepper', Gibraltar, 27. Gibraltar


28 photographs