Papers of Walter Hawken Tregellis

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Papers of Walter Hawken Tregellis

Papers of Walter Hawken Tregellis





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Material relating to the Tower of London collected by Walter Hawken Tregellis (1831-1894) in preparation for 'a work on the Tower of London....still in manuscript'. Further information about Tregellis can be found in the 'Dictionary of National Biograph'y.


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  TOL MSS/MISC/463 - Papers of Walter Hawken Tregellis
TOL PED/TOWER/463/1 - The Graphic
TOL PED/TOWER/463/2 - The Great Horse Armoury
TOL PED/TOWER/463/3 - Plan of the Old Palace at Westminster
TOL PED/TOWER/463/4 - Traitor's Gate, Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/5 - Monument of Edward V and Richard, Duke of York
TOL PED/TOWER/463/6 - Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset
TOL PED/TOWER/463/7 - Grand Storehouse Fire
TOL PED/TOWER/463/8 - Collegiate Church of St Katharine
TOL PED/TOWER/463/9 - The Crown Jewel Room
TOL PED/TOWER/463/10 - Regalia, Bloody Tower and Beefeaters
TOL PED/TOWER/463/11 - Explosion at the Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/12 - Dynamite Explosions in London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/13 - Demolition and Restoration at the Tower
TOL PED/TOWER/463/14 - Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/15 - The Illustrated London News
TOL PED/TOWER/463/16 - The Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/17 - Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/18 - The Tower of London in the Time of Elizabeth I
TOL PED/TOWER/463/19 - Map of the Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/20 - Tower of London about 1550
TOL PED/TOWER/463/21 - Pencil Drawing
TOL PED/TOWER/463/22 - Pencil Drawing
TOL PED/TOWER/463/23 - Map of Tower of London
TOL PED/TOWER/463/24 - Guy Fawkes Conspiracy Tablet
TOL PED/TOWER/463/25 - Beauchamp Tower