Tower of London

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Tower of London

Tower of London


Mid-18th Century





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View of the Tower from Tower Hill, showing Legges Mount and the moat and entrance gate, with shipping on the river in the background.

Drawn and engraved by Samual and Nathaniel Buck.

Published according to Act of Parliament, March 25th 1737.

Inscribed: 'This noble Building besides being famous as a Citadel of Defence, is remarkable for being the chief Repository of the Kingdom for all manner of Arms./ which are here displayed in convenient Room in elegant & beautiful order. Here also is the Grand Magazine of Warlike Stores of all Kings. Here are/ kept the King's Regalia, and all the Ancient records of the Kingdom. Here too is the Mint for Coining Money, with all manner of Utensils, and Conven=/ =niencies, for the Proper Officers thereunto belonging; and this is the Chief Prison for State Criminals. As those Uses have long been made of this Place/ the Government of it has generally been committed by our Princes to one of the Chief of the Nobility, who has under him a Lieutenant=Governor,/ Deputy=Governor, and other proper Officers.'


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